Are homophobic men just secretly homosexual? I’d say No.

Let’s look at this common phrase being thrown around, because yet another conservative white man has been found having sex with another man. It puts the blame on gay men as self-hating, rather than straight people who engage in hate speech, discrimination and violence against gays and lesbians. Accusing homophobes of being “secretly gay” is itself homophobic, much like saying effeminate men are failed men, girly etc. Or the use of the word “gay” to describe things and people you don’t like. Continue reading


Why Reclaiming Gendered Slurs Don’t Empower Women

Per the debates surrounding reclaiming gendered slurs “whore,” “bitch,” and “slut,” it is claimed by advocates that taking them back empowers them. They also claim that “they can be used against men too,” although with men, it is done as a joke or as a form of praise.

However those few individual women who likewise use them as jokes, or as terms of affection among themselves, one need only look at men’s intention when using gendered slurs against women. They are gendered because they are used to insult and slander women using a virgin/madonna (good girl/woman) vs whore/slut (bad girl/woman) dichotomy, and they are slurs because they are perjorative. They are also hate speech and used to incite violence. Men’s intention using gendered slurs is to harm women.

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Revisiting matriarchy: What is it like?

I still see a lot of online radical feminists promoting the concept of matriarchy. But what exactly is matriarchy? And is the concept useful to radical feminists and women in general? I touched on the subject here and now I am revisiting it.

Here is a structural definition by Dr. Heide Gottner-Abendroth:

With matriarchal cultures, equality means more than just a levelling of differences. Natural differences between the genders and the generations are respected and honoured, but they never serve to create hierarchies, as is common in patriarchy. The different genders and generations have their own dignity, and through complementary areas of activity, they function in concert one other. More precisely, matriarchies are societies with complementary equality, where great care is taken to provide a balance. This applies to the balance between genders, among generations, and between humans and nature. Maternal values as ethical principles pervade all areas of a matriarchal society. It creates an attitude of care-taking, nurturing, and peacemaking.

Unfortunately, this raises more issues than it answers for me. We know this obsession with indigenous cultures as the myth of primal harmony or the fetishization of primitivism. It conflates indigenous cultures into one identity, as if all respected the earth and female people, and believes that their structure is necessarily better than any other. Yet Westerners can’t simply replace their society with a different one from another culture.  Continue reading

Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part V: Maleness in Context: cross-species sperm-transfer tactics reveals what maleness is.

Trust Your Perceptions

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Seminal chemical warfare has evolved not just in human males, but in males across species. Component compounds in semen may vary species to species, yet across species, biologically, the goal of the male is the same: to make the female recreate him. And to do this, to get their sperm, their very own blueprint plans, into females, males across species have evolved not just seminal chemical warfare, but an endless number of war strategies – including specialized morphologies, specialized chemicals and specialized behaviors.

Specialized morphologies. – Males of many species have evolved specialized appendages to seize and hold down females. This seemingly infinite diversity of “organs of prehension in males” was noted by Darwin. (Dude can call them “organs of…

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Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part IV: Present Evolutionary Context of Seminal Sorcery and Investment Planning: semen responds to unprecedented barriers.

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Male writers report the evolution of concealed estrus – females not signaling males – as the dawn of total female sexual openness to males. – But they would.

Males’ abducting/raping/keeping females captive likely originated after females stopped signaling. It’s unclear when males’ abducting/raping/keeping females captive was transformed by dudes worldwide into the Holiness of Matrimony, the Sanctity of Marriage, – but as recently as AD 200 in Northern Europe, for example, dudes still hadn’t fully made “the transition:” “Among the Germanic Goths, a man married a woman from within his own community. When women were in short supply, he captured (sic) his bride-to-be from a neighboring village. The future bridegroom, accompanied by a male companion, seized any young girl who…

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Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part III: Past Evolutionary Context for Seminal Engineering: how females not signaling estrus trumped males.

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Human semen likely evolved into its modern state of fuckery in a freakout response to ancestral females who permanently turned off their fertile-now signal. Pre-human ancestral females evolving not to signal estrus was good news for females. – But for males, – it was a disaster.

Across species, most females on Earth signal estrus, – whether by swellings or scents or chems – in an attempt to accept males only when ovulating, and at no other time. Our closest primate cousins, for example, go pink-butt when fertile to give notice that they are now accepting applications. Most other primates do not signal with pink swellings, but by emitting scents or chems. Among mammals at large, only a handful – including humans…

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Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part II: Shit’s Lethal: what happens to females prevented from evolving resistance to semen.

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Semen is lethal to females. This has been scientifically shown, and is empirically supported.

It had been noticed across taxa that females died after “normal” sexual exposure to males (eg, (Trivers, 1972), (Parker, 1979), (West-Eberhard, 1984), (Partridge, et al, 1987)). – But in 1989, scientists reported copulation itself reduced females’ lifespan. The frequency female fruit flies were fucked correlated to the frequency female fruit flies died. (Fowler & Partridge). In 1993, male fruit flies voided of sperm still proved lethal to females, ruling out sperm as cause of death (Chapman & Hutchings). In 1995, male fruit flies voided of semen proved non-lethal to females, leading researchers to conclude semen itself killed females. (Chapman, et al) Chapman and team further confirmed their…

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