Transparency in economic class

I don’t really think people understand that drug addicts and alcoholics are not always poor because of not having money or being born poor but sometimes because of how they spend the money they get. And they wouldn’t make so much to buy more drugs with if they weren’t motivated by an addiction. If they weren’t, they’d be middle-class or even wealthy.

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To pornsick men who say “Not all men!”

Ok, guys who insist, “NOT ALL MEN! Besides, some women are into it so quit judging,” in regards to the violence inherent in pornography, did you know there is a group of men (a surprisingly big group of men) who get sexual arousal from having their balls stomped on? Seriously. Google it.

Now, imagine every woman you know spending hours a day watching videos of women stomping on men’s balls. Imagine they started watching it from age 11 or so, before they knew anything about sex. Imagine several of your guy friends defending women watching these videos because, “Hey, it’s just a kink. It’s none of your business what other people are into. Don’t kink shame!” Imagine others defending them because, “Hey, those men get paid really well to have their balls stomped on. If they didn’t love it, they’d find other jobs. It’s their body. Are you telling men they can’t choose what to do with their bodies?”

Imagine your own wife or girlfriend telling you, “Oh, baby, don’t worry. It’s just fantasy,” when you confront her about your discomfort with her watching hours of those videos a day. Imagine that the sex between you two has gotten worse and much less frequent because she can’t get turned on without stomping on balls or watching someone stomping on balls. Imagine several women trying to do it to you in bed even though you’ve NEVER talked about it or given permission for them to do it because they just think it’s normal. Imagine women objecting to your dismay, claiming that it’s a standard act that they’ve done with all their boyfriends and that if you won’t comply, they’ll move on. Imagine women announcing loudly and proudly, “My man LOVES it when I stomp on his nuts.” Imagine their men showing up to agree.

Imagine women regularly, openly, and proudly telling men that their balls aren’t even good enough to stomp on because they don’t look like the ones on the screen. Imagine the same women dedicating whole forums to sharing videos of great ball stomping videos. Imagine the same women dedicating whole forums to showing other women pics of your balls that your wife or girlfriend promised you would be private. Imagine lots of women commenting on the pics of your balls that your wife or girlfriend promised you would be private. Imagine trying to get the images removed only to be told, “She owns the copyright. If you don’t want people seeing and commenting on your balls, don’t send pics of them, slut.” Imagine several men you know subjecting themselves to extremely painful ball waxing and risky cosmetic ball surgery and taking potentially life threatening ball enhancement supplements.

Imagine trying to tell your guy friends that this is all fucked up and having them tell you, “But I WANT to do those things. I did them for ME, not for her. They make me feel good about myself. They are very empowering acts for me! Mind your own business, prude!” Imagine a ball stomper was president and loads of women around you voted for her and have unwavering, undying support for her.

Would you REALLY be fine with this? Can you even imagine such a nightmare? Would you be able to trust women if this was your daily life?

…and yet THIS is the kind of terrorism women live with EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. Plus, there are waaaaaaaay more types of violent acts people think are okay to do to us…choking, beating, slapping, gagging, hair pulling, verbal abuse, rose budding, BDSM, AND MORE! These are the kinds of things nearly all the men around us watch for hours DAILY, if not daily, at least weekly….But we aren’t supposed to live in fear somehow because, “Not all men,” and, “But some women like it.”

Let that sink in.

On women using male or unisex pen names

Most writing sites have allowed me to use my writer alias/pseudonym. Meghan Murphy is also allowing me to use my pseudonym on my article “What webcamming is really like” on Feminist Current as I’ve expressed concern based on previous sexual harassment by male enemies. I use the same pseudonym for my art.

Women have historically used “pen names,” pseudonyms or aliases in order to publish their writings. This was because women were not allowed to work and since they were legally and socially second-class citizens, could not get published under their own female names. Women were said to be irrational, so they couldn’t really write. These names were typically male or unisex. Alternately, they accomplished the same by putting their first and last names as initials, such as J.K. Rowling.

When people have cried “deception,” it is ironic to observe their reactions when judging a work they believe was written by a man. They automatically conclude that the work is better when written by a man, or when they believe it was written by a man.

Take the example of J.K. Rowling. Her Harry Potter books are incredibly popular, yet most readers assumed they were created by a man. They expressed utter shock when they found out J.K. was a woman.

Most importantly, they showed sexist bias. Writing is one of those careers that is predominated by men. Traditionally feminine or female-assigned roles are paid little and do not have prestige. However, when men enter those fields (food, medical, education, etc.) they bring with them their social and sexual prestige and political power under patriarchy.

People — men as well as women — listen to men and take them more seriously than they do women. Men are legally and socially fully human. A man is legally and socially a person. Women have no such claim to personhood.

Sure, you could argue that women should write under their real names in order to get judged based on the quality of their writing as obviously female writers. But you can’t get your writing judged for its quality if you can’t get people to read just because you’re a woman. Let’s not pretend that readers are unbiased towards women — they are.

J.K. Rowling knew what she was doing. She knew that she’d get a better reception and a greater audience by using initials. And even though unisex names are gender-neutral in an attempt to get more unbiased observations, people will tend to assign a male sex by default and that will influence their perception of the author. Women like her understand that you won’t get that far as a writer if you go by an obviously female name. Letting people read first, judge the writing content and quality, and then find out you’re a woman will surprise the audience and persuade them to take women writers seriously.

The Ever Increasing Concentration of the Sex Industry in Germany

Nordic Model Now!

Herman Müller, owner of the Pascha mega-brothel chain

Francine Sporenda interviews Manuela Schon about the legalised sex industry in Germany and the impact of new regulations. Manuela is a sociologist and political activist in Germany. She co-founded “Abolition 2014 – Für eine Welt ohne Prostitution” and “LINKE für eine Welt ohne Prostitution.” She is a blogger at the radical feminist blog “Die Störenfriedas.” 

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