Rebecca’s story

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Rebecca sent this #MeToo story about her journey through lap dancing and into prostitution via our Share your story page.

“You simply cannot forget years and years of swallowing down your consent, of swallowing down what is, at best, disgust, irritation and boredom during sex and, at worst, anger, humiliation and terror.”

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Male art that dehumanises women vs. female art that illuminates the reality of sexual violence and female objectification

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Alice Glass reflects on how when male artists create works that dehumanise women it is taken to be a comment on society as a whole, while women’s resulting brutalisation, isolation and objectification is seen as little more than a sideshow. She compares this with the powerful art of Suzzan Blac who mines her own traumatic memories of abuse and prostitution to create a blistering commentary on pornographic, female objectification and paedophile culture.

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Working as a receptionist in a legal brothel proved to me that prostitution is anything but a normal job

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By Jacqueline Gwynne

The media glamorises prostitution and presents the illusion that it’s sexually liberating for women, and sex industry lobbyists claim that it’s just regular work. For a long time I accepted this without question.

I was a receptionist in a legal brothel in Melbourne, Australia, for two years and I’d say things like: these women choose to do this work; the men are nice guys; it’s a just a job; it’s no different from doing massage; and it’s a lot better than flipping burgers in a hot, greasy kitchen.

This was my survival instinct speaking and this is how women in the industry make it through the night. You tell yourself it’s OK and think of the money. It’s what you do to make the best of a bad situation, and to stop feeling too awful about yourself.

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Lesbians Attacked By Trans Activists At San Francisco Dyke March


Reports are coming in of a series of violent attacks on lesbian marchers at yesterday’s San Francisco Dyke March 2018. The women were targeted on the basis of their signs which referenced lesbianism as a female-specific orientation. These signs offended the heterosexual transgender marchers who believe males should have the prerogative to “identify as” lesbian and that women who reject this premise should be targeted for violence.

The following are testimonies from various attendees who were attacked:

“I was the one. Knocked down, tripped, purse ripped away from me, glasses knocked to ground and my sign snatched and taken once and then retrieved by a badass stranger first, then again a second time it was forcefully grabbed and taken and later we found remnant blocks away ripped up. [Redacted] was surrounded, pushed down three times, sign grabbed. It was ripped up and she grabbed it back and held…

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Survival Mechanisms and Trauma Bonding in Prostitution

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Detail from “Self-esteem” by Kiran Foster

This article, by German feminist activist, Manuela Schon, was first published in German on the Abolition 2014 website. The English translation is by Elisabeth Lauer.

Except where a link indicates otherwise, all survivor quotes are from the book, ‘Prostitution Narratives: Stories of Survival in the Sex Trade,’ edited by Caroline Norma and Melinda Tankard Reist.

Was she forced or did she choose it?

 “We’ve been broken. We’ve been torn apart. We’ve been from $20 to $5,000 and it feels the same. It feels like $2. There’s no difference: high-class, low-class. I’ve done it all and it still feels the same.” – Ne’cole Daniels

“I was a high-class escort, and we used to tell ourselves that what we were doing was so much better than what prostitutes did in the streets and in seedy brothels. But the fact is we did exactly the…

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