Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part I: Male Chemical Munitions: what semen does to females.

Trust Your Perceptions

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1280px-Human_semen_in_a_petri_dishWithin an hour or two after oral, anal and/or vaginal sex with a male not wearing a condom who ejaculates, chemicals in semen move into the female’s bloodstream. The female is dosed with  1). barbiturate-like chemicals, positive-reinforcement chemicals, opioids, 2). antidepressants, 3). bonding drugs, 4). chemicals which make a woman want to be fucked, 5). learning- and memory-reinforcement compounds, 6). immunosuppressants to stop the female from killing sperm, 7). potential pathogens, and 8). compounds forcing and maintaining pregnancy to increase the liklihood of duplicating dude’s own Y-chromosome.

All compounds discussed below exist in human semen. Many of these compounds act in multiple ways, or act synergistically, but can broadly be said to manipulate…

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The right way for women to disappear


I’ve never been comfortable with the idea that once you have anorexia, you never quite recover from it. It sounds too fatalistic, too hopeless and yet at the same time too self-indulgent.

I am 40 years old. It is nearly three decades since I was first diagnosed and I have been what is considered a healthy weight for most of the past two of them. While my eating habits are not necessarily normal, I would not describe myself as still suffering from anorexia itself. If anything, what I suffer from is not being anorexic any more.

I am not at home in the body I have. I’ve never got over the desire to tell people, the first time I meet them, that this isn’t the real me. The real me is thin, breastless, narrow-hipped. This version of me is a poor compromise, a pathetic accommodation. I look like a woman…

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Complications with Victim Blaming

Karen Henninger

Years ago there were no domestic violence shelters or a movement to end violence against women. Some of us remember.

In those days, there was a gender hierarchy. That is, males were considered authorities over females by the recognition of a body part and understandings attached to it. No experience necessary. Just a body part made an authority. And the whole group together was responsible to keep the subordinates subordinating! To not get confused, let’s keep this simple.360maledom copyBecause men had a particular body part, they got treated differently. Part of that difference was structured in authority/subordinate understandings.  In the gender/sex hierarchy, that meant men as belonging to a group were the ‘authority‘ with rules of behavior as authority not just gender. Women were the ‘subordinates‘ with those relationship rules. It’s all just relationship rules that are changeable. That understanding explains some of why a…

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New Statesman: Leap Day love: Once every four years, women are allowed to propose to men


You know the trouble with heterosexual relationships? One party desperately wants marriage and babies while the other doesn’t, and the lengths to which the former will go to tie down the latter are frankly staggering.

We all know, for instance, that straight marriage doesn’t offer women as much as it offers men. Getting married boosts men’s health and income, while the only thing boosted for women is the number of pants to wash. Women are more likely to initiate divorce and less likely to suffer ill-health as a result. Recent research has suggested that single, childless men want babies more than their female counterparts, hardly surprising given who pays the highest price in health risks, workplace discrimination and domestic drudgery. So is it any wonder that poor, needy men have been forced to come up with elaborate schemes in order to snare independent, commitment-phobic women? Otherwise what…

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Happy V Day: New Directions


If you love Mancheeze, you’ll love the next step I’m taking. As I said in my last post, a sister of mine recommended subscriptions as the viable way to continue to deliver the research and content I spend my days compiling.

Each week, subscribers will get a .pdf newsletter delivered in their email. I will announce each issue right here on the blog.

Since I’ve done publication work before I already have the software, which is called In Design by Adobe.

Using this method there will be multiple pages and multiple graphics. It will be easily printable on your home computer as it will be a pdf (Adobe Acrobat file). It will also have embedded links so you don’t have to worry about that.

It will include weekly stories, Radfem Roundups, my weekly Manosphere, research, my long form articles, live links and much more. In other words, it will be…

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