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Complications with Victim Blaming

Karen Henninger

Years ago there were no domestic violence shelters or a movement to end violence against women. Some of us remember.

In those days, there was a gender hierarchy. That is, males were considered authorities over females by the recognition of a body part and understandings attached to it. No experience necessary. Just a body part made an authority. And the whole group together was responsible to keep the subordinates subordinating! To not get confused, let’s keep this simple.360maledom copyBecause men had a particular body part, they got treated differently. Part of that difference was structured in authority/subordinate understandings.  In the gender/sex hierarchy, that meant men as belonging to a group were the ‘authority‘ with rules of behavior as authority not just gender. Women were the ‘subordinates‘ with those relationship rules. It’s all just relationship rules that are changeable. That understanding explains some of why a…

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