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Religious values promote breeding for childism, misopedia

The thing i hate the most about being raised religious is how inculcating feelings of FEAR, GUILT and SHAME is a tool to indoctrinate, manipulate and abuse children, from “God will punish you” to “You’re wrong, because god/I said so.” Many acts don’t even warrant such feelings – like sex – but an emotionally abusive parent can fuck one up big-time for years. Even if the child rebelled pretty early in life, the conditioning was there from the beginning, and they lose out on a normal childhood.


Furthermore, child conditioning is the first step to making sure they will be obedient adults for all sorts of other hierarchical authority figures. Our natalist culture in particular guarantees there will be more consumerist adults to make money for corporations, big pharma, and of course, more cannon fodder and prison inmates for the government in their war on drugs and terrorism. Because when children have so little chance of escaping horrible circumstances, they will have a very difficult time as adults if they make it that far. Few care when they are no longer small, helpless and cute (yes, like baby animals).

The rallying cry of many political arguments today is “Think of the chiiiildren!” which is ironic, because children are considered the property of their parents. They are supposed to be sheltered from everything, as if they are never going to be adults, while the adults have few non family-friendly spaces left for themselves, childfree and otherwise. Such an attitude also assumes more reproducing, and is a form of “stranger danger” fearmongering.

Be aware: Many pedophiles are family men, teachers, sports coaches, priests, etc. who are well-known and reputable in their communities as respectable, “good” people. “If you bleed, you breed” is the motto of the female-targeting male pedophile. So strong is society’s value of youth and fertility with beauty and attractiveness that female children are hypersexualized while women are infantilized. The claim that men “don’t know” their real age because the girls act “so mature” or they happened to have snuck into a club or were in a brothel puts the blame on girls and the predatory behavior is seen as normal for men. See also: Men praising when males have relationships with female teachers and babysitters, or fathers taking their sons to prostitutes.

Corporal punishment of children by teachers and parents, especially religious ones, is known as “discipline.” So associated they are that when someone thinks of “disciplining children,” they think of spanking them at a minimum. This, too, is child abuse. And every time someone says,”You shouldn’t have children,” it’s to someone who’s already had them or is planning on having children, since we have no evaluation process for prospective biological parents like we do for adoptive ones. Good luck with stopping them!

“Here, in a nutshell, is America’s concept of family values: we need babies, because babies become consumers who buy crap. We mustn’t allow anything to discourage people from making babies. It doesn’t matter if the babies are born addicted to something and grow up in a slum with no education, or they’re born to wealth and made to pay for it with sexual favors from an early age. It’s all good, because as long as they are eating and wearing clothes, businesses can make money off of these kids. That’s what America values.

And heaven forbid anyone check in with the adult children of the people making and supporting these laws.”

“Once you realize that The Exorcist is, essentially, the story of a 12-year-old who starts cussing, masturbating, and disobeying her mother—in other words, going through puberty—it becomes apparent to the feminist-minded viewer why two adult men are called in to slap her around for much of the third act. People are convinced that something spooky is going on with girls; that, once they reach a certain age, they lose their adorable innocence and start tapping into something powerful and forbidden. Little girls are sugar and spice, but women are just plain scary. And the moment a girl becomes a woman is the moment you fear her most.”
— The Season of the Witch // RookieMag

“Our culture is hardwired with a Christian value system. Even if, like myself, you have never been a believer your mindset will still be shot through with this morality. Our deepest drives are distorted by an internal censor. Whether this is a bearded man sat on a cloud, or a sense of vague guilt will depend on your individual programming. Face up to it. Even if you are enlightened enough to be nodding along with what I’m saying you still have fetters on your freedom that have not yet been struck.”
— Peter Grey


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