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Welcome to the internet! Do stay. Or don’t. Whatever.

I think the internet is pretty damn amazing. Every day, I have access to tons of information I’d never have otherwise. I can do things online that I’d normally have to waste more time and energy to do – take courses, read, listen to music and watch movies (instead of on another device), banking, shopping, emergency help. It’s super convenient.

And it’s not just about the Information Superhighway. Just as importantly, I’ve talked to some really wonderful people, a few I’ve eventually ended up meeting and a few others I hope to meet someday. This is, of course, a different way of socializing – and that’s fine by me. Some of you I’d never even know if it wasn’t for the internet. Other people were not so savory, including some who were downright horrible enough – neither of whom I wanted to get to know better, and I’m glad I was able to more or less quit association with the internet as opposed to having to do it in person at greater risk to my personal safety.


Some people complain that we spend too much time online or on our cell phones or video gaming, but I think this has to do with children and teenagers who rely on them as social outlets, entertainment, even a form of escapism from a shitty situation. It’s a parenting issue, so they (assuming they’re concerned beyond prejudice, however well-intentioned) need to encourage their children to have other genuine interests besides what they themselves want for them. Better yet, read up on all the risks and effects of pregnancy and childbirth on money, emotions, health, social life, career, and relationships, and stop breeding. This information is on the internet and if you have internet access, you can’t afford to play ignorant.

Other than that, if they’re adults, who fucking cares? I can think of worse things besides spending a lot of time online. Like molesting. Or doxxing. Or stealing. Or any number of actual immoral and criminal things.

Or using online porn. See, the attitude towards porn is very much a double standard. Porn is now in the medium of the internet. It’s accepted as completely normal and commonplace, that men at work can sneak peek at it and their home computers are assumed to have a hidden spankbank. When they close the porn, it no longer exists to them – out of sight, out of mind. But when it comes to everything else on the internet, we see them as deeply affecting and abnormal, fit to patronize over, even entertaining the thought of doing away with the internet to get people back to the “good ol’ days.” As long as it’s not about porn or taking away men’s access to internet porn, that is – the exception. Then, it’s war. 😉


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