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Parisians are better than their championers.

Some religious fuckwads and their Western sympathizers pretending to be progressive, back when the Charlie Hebdo shooting occurred, were taking it as the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to turn it into a political talking point about how the Charlie people had basically crossed the line with their “freedom of speech” and deserved it! THEN they whined about “not all Muslims!” and “no real Muslims!” in the guise of sympathy. Now with the latest attacks, these same people are quick to whine with the same rhetoric and again, in the guise of sympathy. They are clear as day to me.


Personally, I know quite a few INFIDEL cartoonists and bloggers in the Muslim world. They live in fear of their lives and especially during the time of Ramadan, the religious month of prayer, fasting from eating, smoking, drinking, having sex (as being caught in either activity results in arrest) as well as the butchering livestock by sawing at their necks to slowly bleed to death. Meanwhile, in the West, Muslims live freely as they try to force secular societies to pander to them.

Parisians DON’T WANT religious fanatics as citizens with political power. I could care less about subjective interpretation of verses that literally call for death to infidels and state that women are inferior and gays are sinners (etc.); theologian academics who claim mistranslations are the ones at fault for the edited texts, assuming they were really mistranslated and not just faked over years and years of revision. Also, while people cherry-pick all the time, that does not negate the presence of such verses or their being used to justify bigotry.

It’s ironic that lots of Westerners converted to Islam after 9/11, doing a complete 180 from their liberal lifestyle..things such as changing their names to Arabic ones, growing long beards, donning niqab, having Muslim children and agreeing (with their Muslim immigrant husbands) that cheating women should be stoned to death – even if they aren’t actually participating in stonings…with some of them becoming terrorists and being recruited into the very same radical groups (like ISIS) that are supposedly “not Muslim at all.” The U.S. also funds ISIS and other radical Muslim groups. Other Westerners were born Muslims who had never been to or truly experienced their parents’ country of origin, with some denying the “sex jihad” or danger to infidels in Muslim countries and Western ones alike thanks to radicals (“things weren’t bad for ME, so they must be fine for everyone else”). And the so-called Syrian rebels? They weren’t even fucking Syrian, they were people who came from other countries. So yes, I do think terrorists acquire fake passports and impede actual refugees who want to peacefully coexist with others.

All these converts to Islam are somehow proof of the popularity of Islam as a universal religion, but when those converts become radical then they are conveniently ignored. Or, are lumped together with “people of color” to liken religion to race and dismiss legit criticisms. I think “Muslimphobia” would be a more accurate term over “Islamophobia,” for this very reason.

As a result of these attacks, there is the practice of changing profile photos in support of Paris. What does this actually accomplish? NOTHING. It makes the people feel good about themselves, that’s all! Same with “likes” and reblogs. So here are a couple of articles with links to charities. You will remain anonymous – so you lose out on ego-stroking – but your contribution will be real and tangible.

Charlie Hebdo’s response to the attacks was “Let’s drink, let’s have sex, let’s celebrate what they hate: LIFE.” All incredibly infidel things, by the way.

“It has become a convenient escape for many to immediately declare the terrorists who struck in Paris “non-Muslims” (not truly representing Islam). Yet clearly they are Muslims. In Pakistan, such extremists actually form part of the ruling class and large sections of the population. And they are just as willing to kill people over supposed acts of blasphemy. Events such as the one that transpired in Paris happen very frequently in Pakistan. And if one were to call all of the extremists in Pakistan “non-Muslims” (i.e., they do not define Islam), then one would have a lot of non-Muslims indeed.
The problem is not that these people do not define Islam. They do, in their own way. The problem is that we haven’t redefined Islam to suit modern society one iota and keep insisting on a “faithful interpretation” (whatever that may mean). Thus most of the time absolving our selves of any responsibility to seriously tackle the issue. It is the lazy way out.
Countries like Pakistan need to undergo vast reformation and sweeping reorganization of the role of religion in society. This means popular forces must demolish the foundations upon which religious extremism rests. By taking compulsory religious education out of schools, by reforming or closing down madrassas, by establishing a secular society. You cannot defeat Islamic extremists in Paris or London without first defeating them in Pakistan, or the other Muslim countries.”
— Nayyar, Pakistan

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