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Female atheist discussion




Non-believers are some of the most universally hated people around the world, and as a poor woman living in a hardcore religious region, I am allowed to stand against my own harassment without diverging into “what about the poor oppressed patriarchal religions?”

I’m not sure what part of the world you live in, so I can’t speak for it but I do know that in America, atheists are trusted less than convicted rapists. It was a study done a few years ago.

I don’t believe for a second that non-religious people suffer oppression based on that (because atheism especially has its share of white male assholes) but it’s always jarring to remember how visceral the reaction is to non-religious people.

I openly questioned religion in the bible belt growing up, and I was literally beat up at worst (more than once), and consistently harassed at best. Oppression is intersectional, I can have my white passing privilege, but still be oppressed as a woman and as a non believer. As a non believer in the bible belt I will likely never hold public office, I might even have trouble getting a job working with children if I was vocal about my nonbelief. Would you say that a disabled white male doesn’t face oppression just because of his white male status? I’m not trying to be antagonistic, but I’m honestly asking.

Atheism has gotten a bad reputation over the last few years of the internet with the fedora federation appropriating the title that many oppressed people previously claimed. I remember reading about the second and even third wave feminists proudly being atheists and how these women are now stunned at the younger crowd being scared away by the title. Its not a fun time to be an atheist in america, unless you have literally EVERYTHING else going for you. As a disabled biracial queer woman, atheist was just another thing for people to hate about me. But I see these fedoras proudly claiming the title and weaponizing it. calling religions fairy tales and picking fights for fun. These are the same people who claim devils advocate and try to put the rest of us through our paces for their entertainment. These are the worst of the atheists. They are the otherwise privileged, but if you take into account all of the non believers who are too underprivileged to even claim the name atheist for fear of rebuttal, we out match them a thousand to one, I’m sure.

I’m all about reclaiming the title that I earned. I literally have shed blood to be called an atheist. I’m not letting the reddit fedora crowd take it away from me and appropriate it to another badge for privileged white men to wear.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t discount the real, painful oppression that I and many others have faced just becuase some white dudes came along and took our title away from us and they are not suffering for it. Burn it down and make them suffer.

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