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Quotes on the “sex positive” movement

“The idea that women should ‘experiment’ and perform sex acts that they do not want to has become a popular model for women’s sexual behaviour in heterosexual relationships since the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960s. It is an idea frequently reinforced and legitimated through sex therapy (see Jeffreys, 1990). Women are still encouraged by therapists to sexually fulfill their male partners, even if they have no desire to do so, or experience pain or discomfort (Tyler, 2008). For example, in the widely recommended self-help manual for womenBecoming Orgasmic, therapists Heiman and LoPiccolo encourage women to try anal sex (an increasingly ubiquitous sex practice in pornography) if a male partner is interested in it. The advice from the therapists is: “If any discomfort does occur, try again some other time” (Heiman and LoPiccolo, 1992, p. 187). The central premise is that pain and discomfort for women are not acceptable reasons for discontinuing a sexual practice, but, rather, are reasons for women to undergo further ‘training’, ‘modelling’ and coercion. Instead of understanding that using pornography as a coercive strategy is harmful, sexologists extol pornography’s virtues, stating for example that it is useful for “giving the viewer permission to model the behavior” (Striar and Bartlik, 1999, p. 61).

Exactly what type of behaviour women are expected to model from pornography further exposes the way in which the promotion and legitimation of pornography in sex therapy poses harms to women’s equality. Even at the most respectable end of therapist-recommended pornography, sadomasochistic practices and acts such as double penetration, or DP as it is known in the porn industry, can be easily found. Take for example, the Sinclair Intimacy Institute, run by a “well known and respected sexologist, Dr Mark Schoen” (Black, 2006, p. 117). It consists mainly of an online store that sells therapist-recommended pornography. On the Institute’s Website, customers are assured that the pornography available is reviewed and approved by therapists who choose only “high quality sex positive productions” (Sinclair Intimacy Institute, 2007a, n.p.). Among the list of “sex positive productions” are the mainstream pornography titles The New Devil in Miss Jones, Jenna Loves Pain, and Deepthroat.

The choice of Deepthroat is particularly revealing given the amount of publicity surrounding the circumstances of its production. Linda Marchiano (Linda Lovelace at the time of filming) detailed her extensive abuse at the hands of her husband and pimp in her book Ordeal, explaining how she was forced, sometimes at gun point to perform in pornography (Lovelace, 1980). She once stated that: “every time someone watches that film, they are watching me being raped” (quoted in Dworkin, 1981). That such a film is labelled ‘sex positive’ by therapists should be serious cause for concern. But Deepthroat is not an isolated case.”

— Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry

“Ultimately, so-called “sex positive” feminism de-sexes in the same way clitoridectomy does. Both are focussed on making women into sexually compliant objects whose role it is, not to enjoy sex, but to merely be “doing it” for and/or with someone else. Both reduce women to what men want them to be – childbearers or holes to fuck – while claiming the only goal to be the empowerment of the women themselves. Both define women who are sexually assertive in relation to the social mores of the day – whether it’s because they masturbate during the Victorian age, or because they question objectification in the pornified age – as sick, hysterical or phobic. Both see female anatomy as an irrelevance as long as it works on male terms (something to impregnate, something to penetrate, something to dress up or dress down). Both pathologise any adult human female who enjoys her own female body on her own terms.”
glosswitch knocks it out of the park

2 thoughts on “Quotes on the “sex positive” movement

  1. “Women are still encouraged by therapists to sexually fulfill their male partners” a perfect example of my point regarding the #patriarchaic #hegemony of language, eg, that some blatant #misogynist decided that the name for the practitioners of a field of medicine that has mostly dealt savagely with #Women already in a vulnerable &/or #damaged state (at least in the eyes of their husbands/fathers etc that have sent them thus to be “retrained”) should be “therapists”, ie, is psychotherapist bozotheclown’s brother… never trust #forktonguese, ie, it attacks at the subconscious level, even if recognized consciously as gaslighting. 😡

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