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Faux progress for females.


The above is being touted as some sign of women’s progress. Highest paid female CEO? On the contrary, she was able to use her male privilege to her benefit in the male-dominated business world. Being in the gender category of woman does not mean you are female. Even if more females were rising up in the world, radical feminists have spoken out about the harmfulness of this act: still operating within the same oppressive system, and throwing other females under the bus, in order to get ahead. And once again, males are prioritized over females.

Meanwhile, in September, Fallon Fox gave serious injuries to Tammika Brents (a black lesbian), thereby enacting her fantasies of what she’s always wanted to do – beat up females, or barring that, taunt and threaten them. Ronda Rousey refused to fight, stating that since Fox went through puberty as a male she had an unfair advantage.

But perhaps the biggest perpetrator of this faux-progressiveness is geek culture, made up of elitists, predominantly straight and white. We’ve all heard of the “fake gamer girls” but ironically, this doesn’t apply to trans women, only females. And there are a lot of them in geek culture.

My whole point here is not to argue that if we had more female CEOs, then we’d have real progress. There cannot be such a thing as “cis” privilege, much less “female” privilege, since misogyny is hatred of females based on their birth sex. The two examples above, however, do show male privilege – born males attempting to dictate what womanhood is, and even demand access to female-only spaces or sports. Hence, claims of “transphobia” here are really just like the cries of “misandry” hurled at feminists – both by born males.

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