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Sexual harassment: A recent experience

I got asked to be someone’s girlfriend. Of course I refused, since I was not attracted to him in the least.

He then proceeded to solicit me “because he hadn’t had sex in a long time” and after finding out I was not owned by one man he assumed I belonged to every man and I was free for his taking. He was leering at me this whole time, which of course was creepy as hell. I felt like I had to take a shower.

I said no again and got him to admit he was talking about prostitution; however, he first claimed he was “helping” me – like no, if you wanna help me fucking DONATE or at least LEND me money instead of expecting me to have sex with some ugly POS I’d never do for free!

Then he was like “I don’t understand why you don’t want to hug me…” etc. He might as well have finished that with “…because I am giving you MONEY! And bitches love money!” As if he was doing me a favor and being so nice by bribing me instead of outright raping me. As if money suddenly made him attractive. As if by doing what he wanted before he could get violent and take it, then he could pretend it was my choice – as long as I did it, though.

Anyway, he became bitter after that. I told him to jerk off because his right hand is always in the mood, and he didn’t have anything to reply back to that with. UGH….I shudder every time I think about it. I swear, there’s like this taboo against masturbation among men once they’re past their teenage years, where they believe they just HAVE to stick it into a woman, even if they have to bribe her to do so.

Men love to prey on women who have fallen on hard times. Especially to get them in their cars or in their rooms. I am SO not for any of this shit. This creepy pervert is in the same league as the men on craigslist looking for “live-in girlfriends.” And men who think men and women can’t ever be platonic friends without sex eventually happening. I understand why women feel that way, having been victimized by men – but not men themselves, who are the predators, and conditioned to view sex as a conquest.

Every time a man solicits a woman for sex, it counts as sexual harassment. It is not the “woman sexually manipulating the man,” she is simply existing. He is the one attempting to sexually manipulate her. Abuse does not “go both ways” here. In most cases of abuse, unless both persons are toxic, there is a perpetrator and a victim. The oppression of women by men, and male sexual entitlement, does not become moot because of individualistic interpretations. Women are not “whores,” even the prostituted. The “whore” is a male fantasy that all women can be bribed, that they are all liars and gold-diggers and sexually manipulative, that all heterosexual relationships are prostitution (transactional sex) anyway – it is a fiction that not only demonizes women but in liberal feminist identity politics pretends women are the oppressive class, and not men.

Women, certainly privileged ones, would like to believe they can “choose” to be prostituted and choose which johns they want to engage with, but unless she happens to have a LOT of potential high-paying johns she cannot turn away all except for the ones she likes or finds attractive and thinks are safe (and I doubt this is even the whole story, when it is rarely the case anyway). Prostitution is not about her safety and desire and pleasure, to begin with – it’s about his, and since sex is now put into a contract and under weasel “work” euphemisms the women are sexual slaves. This is why feminists and exited women say prostitution is paid rape. It is victim-blaming – women don’t choose to be raped, insulted, harassed, beaten, or murdered. Money does not compensate for trauma.

There is an amazing quote that reads,”Just because you desire someone, it does not mean you value them.”


One thought on “Sexual harassment: A recent experience

  1. You sound like a very strong person, Heretic. Way to go! I recommend only dating women, unless you meet one of those rare men who really get it and who respect women and don’t watch porn.

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