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MRAs don’t really care about male rape victims

MRAs talking about male rape victims end up trivializing and harming them, with their comments reeking of homophobia and misogyny. To them, a male being raped is the worst thing ever not because rape is traumatic in and of itself (think of all their claims of women making “false rape accusations” or how being accused of rape is worse than being raped) but because the male is somehow less of a man – something unique to male rape victims (female rape victims are not considered “less of a woman” because our rape culture dictates that women being raped is natural and normal). It’s similar to an old school phrase for male rape which is,”Being treated like a woman” (now it’s making someone your “bitch.”) The men doing the raping, on the other hand, are considered straight.

One of MRAs’ biggest complaints is male prison rape. However, when questioned, some of the (reported) victims spoke about how they considered it as an exchange for protection or special favors or privileges, not always an act of force – some say they engaged willingly, but I don’t think “willingness” holds any weight when the other man is either staff (holding power over them) or stronger than them. So it’s still violating, but the whole picture is not like how MRAs imagine it, and it bears some similarities to the transactional model of sex – namely, prostitution – which women are often harassed for and pressured into by men in their daily lives.

Even when it’s not about rape, men who disagree with MRAs are “f-ggots” “manginas” “sissies” “pussywhipped” and so on. Homophobia is about gender non-conforming males, who are seen as “womanly.” Hence, it is also connected to misogyny – and the men who perpetuate it might be called “misandrists” (I have seen pro-queer men call it “viriarchy”) but that does not make them any less male supremacist.

Besides, it is other men perpetuating the belief that men cannot be raped. Partly because they think men are always supposed to want it from women but if it’s another man raping them, well, that means they are gay so they are not “real men” anyway! This is a failure to distinguish between sex and rape, and it would not surprise me if the same men thought (as many Catholics do) that homosexuality and pedophilia are related. If a boy has his first time with an adult woman, his peers and even older boys will encourage him into thinking he was so lucky because it’s every boy’s fantasy – not that he was in fact raped. I just saw a comment by a man on a post about a woman who raped a man, saying,”Somebody rape me please!”

Finally, there is the practice of fathers taking their teenaged sons to prostituted women as soon as they hit puberty – they believe the women will provide them sexual initiation and show them how to “be a man.” And that machismo bullshit still goes on to this day (cf. 14 year-old, 16 year-old)


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