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the bro code

welcome to paradox

there is a code among men that is invisible but strong, the bro code. bro code dictates that two or more men remain friends with each other no matter how shitty they are or how badly they treat women. it is loyalty no matter what, and the only condition is to have a penis. men are perfectly fine with looking the other way when their brothers are misogynistic, because “we’re not perfect” or “we’re not saints’ or “it’s none of my business.” it also uses women for men to bond over, a veritable sausagefest of jerking off to masculine ideals. in this way men divorce fantasy from life, the realm of ideas from material reality, and body from mind. even man from woman and especially, woman from woman: womanhood no longer being physical, it is reduced down to feminine stereotypes, a feminine “essence,” even a “female brain.” this corruption is…

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