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At-will employment has to go!

This is an old story which is still making the rounds on tumblr. It is definitely discrimination based on sex. Anyway, how did the boss know they’d start an affair, and voice a fear based on that? He didn’t. An affair is a mutual thing. Another thing is how the man was motivated by feelings, which is never permitted for women. I thought according to men they are all logical thinkers? They’re all talk.

Even assuming that they had a “consensual relationship” where they texted each other, the employer was definitely abusing his position of power and then putting the blame on her as if she was going to be a (so-called) homewrecker. He was free to do so with little to no risk of losing his job. “at-will” employment means an employer can fire you for any reason no matter how ridiculous – they don’t even have to tell you why. If he wanted to lie about it, he could have said she was “incompetent” or some other bullshit excuse but he didn’t, he was honest about the real reason knowing other dudes would side with him for just giving a reason to begin with. And it’s just one example of why “at-will” employment is discriminatory (another is supposedly “temp-to-perm” jobs, and blacklisting) – it ensures employees have no job security.

On the other hand, you have MRAs hating on women and thinking that just because something is legal means it’s fair and just. but that goes without saying.

Then I come across this great blog post asking “What would a real ‘right to work’ look like“? I love proposed solutions like this. It gives me hope.

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