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Laverne Cox fucks up big-time. Also: the issue of gender identity for criminals

Laverne Cox, cast member of “Orange is the New Black” and Time Magazine’s “[Trans] Woman of the Year”, is defending the convicted rapist/murderer of a 13-year-old girl:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=566598233452129 (also archived from Buzzfeed here)

Laverne Cox reads a personal introduction from an incarcerated member of SRLP.mp4

Here’s an archived copy of the Buzzfeed article that has the transcript of the video with stills from the video.

Here’s the petition for Netflix to remove Cox remove from the cast of OITNB.

Here is the coverage at GenderTrender.

Zodiac ‘wife’ curses fate Weird killer couple separated in prison

This is not the first time Cox has supported a woman rapist/killer: http://baeddeldee-and-baeddeldum.tumblr.com/post/95538027699/laverne-cox-advocated-for-woman-killer-robert

UPDATE: Cox has made a half-assed apology claiming she “didn’t know” about the charges: http://lavernecox.tumblr.com/post/95567409116/when-i-agreed-to-participate-in-a-recent-sylvia

Sure, Cox, you had so much faith that he couldn’t have been in there for, you know, a FELONY. WTF! Could Cox have really been that stupid? ‘Cause nobody with common sense would advocate for someone in prison before investigating the charges. So this backpedalling does not fool me one bit.

From plansfornigel:



Synthia got a special tattoo on her ring finger with Eddie’s initials and a tiny zodiac symbol, which she shows me during one of our meetings. And the day after she got that one, she says, she went for a large tattoo on her back. It depicts her and Eddie’s intertwined astrological signs; she’s a Virgo and he’s a Leo. Synthia also started to decorate her cell: “I have zodiac symbols on my TV and all over my walls. It’s so romantic.”

She claims that before she met Eddie, she’d had sex with some of the most notorious rapists and killers in the New York prison system. “It seems that my only attractions are to society’s sickest and most twisted lowlifes,” she wrote in a letter to me. “I’m actually hoping to be incarcerated with the Son of Sam so I can sleep with him while awaiting my sex-change outcome in the courts.” And that fetish suits Eddie just fine: “I liked that she was excited by my murders. It was a little plus for us. She used to put the zodiac sign all over her cell as a tribute to me. I’d see one and say, ‘Is that a new one?’ And she’d say yes. It flattered me.”


The Zodiac Killer’s life behind bars has taken another bizarre twist after he reportedly “married” a preoperative transsexual murderer. Heriberto Seda, whose trail of terror left three people dead and five wounded in the 1990s, reportedly became smitten with Latin Kings member Synthia-China Blast when both were in protective custody at Attica. But Blast, who is suing to have a sex-change operation while incarcerated, recently was transferred to another lockup – ending the strange relationship of the killers-in-love. “This is the Zodiac’s wife speaking,” the 29-year-old Blast said in a typewritten letter to the Daily News this month. “Today I stand alone.

” In October 2002, Blast was sent to Attica, “where I met my friend, lover and infamous husband … the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer,” he wrote. Seda, 37, is serving a 235-year prison term for a violent 1990-93 spree when he threatened to kill one person for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. He is believed to have been copying California’s unsolved Zodiac killings. Blast – born Luis Morales – says guards at Attica allowed him to get a Scorpion tattoo on his face, signifying the month of his marriage to Seda last June. “I can honestly say that my sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now,” Blast wrote. “Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.


Sylvia Rivera Law Project is also has a convicted pedophile as a blogger and they think he should be in a women’s prison. I disagreehttp://genderidentitywatch.com/2014/07/13/lewis-stevens-the-sylvia-rivera-law-project-srlp-usa/

From dragonsupremacy:

I just heard about the case for the first time today so I can’t say I know all the details of what the evidence was, but what I have learned is this:

  • Luis Morales did admit to dumping Ebony’s body and lighting it on fire [x]
  • He was married to / intimately involved with serial murderer Heriberto Seda, who idolised the infamous Zodiac Killer so much that he took on the persona and began emulating the murders in New York City. (The original Zodiac Killer, whose identity remains unknown, committed murders in California.) [x]
  • Morales wrote a letter about Seda saying: “This is the voice of the Zodiac Killer’s Wife…I met my friend, lover and infamous husband…the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer. I can honestly say that my sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now. Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.” [x]
  • Morales and Franco, another gang member on trial for the rape and murder, laughed at the victim’s mother and many of the friends who testified against them said they had bragged about committing the crime. [x]
  • Cox supports the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an organisation that seeks to aid transgender individuals in prison. Now this would be just fine if the trans people receiving support were homeless, low-income, survivors of abuse, etc. who were unjustly imprisoned (such as Cece McDonald), but they’re supporting predatory males like Lewis Stevens, Robert Kosilek, and Scott Konitzer; who were convicted of possession of child pornography, strangling his wife to death, and multiple armed robberies, respectively. [x,y,z]

It’s not like murderers and rapists are honest about the crimes they committed. But even if Morales was not the man who raped and murdered Ebony Nicole Williams, he is still a vile, disgusting man who admires serial killers, daydreamed about training murderers and rapists to “terrorize NYC,” and tried to cover up the murder and further ravaged the victim’s corpse, so there is nothing to defend here, really.


“If the cop that shot Michael Brown comes out as trans will Laverne Cox defend and stand for that person’s rights?” – Nedra


 This is what we’ve come to, everyone. Criminals have more rights than females. Criminals even have more rights than law-abiding trans women!

Why do fucking rapists, violent offenders, pedophiles, and murderers – probably autogynephiles btw – get “gender identity” respect and preference over trans women who are just trying to live their lives in society and don’t hate on females? Laverne Cox is enabling the males that hate females. He* should just be honest and say he hates females, too, because he is part of this criminal-glorifying movement. The latest is just the most recent in a line of “woman-identified” criminals. Essentially Cox is saying,”If you hurt a female and then afterwards “identify” as one, Imma reward you for it by supporting your transition and saying you should be put in a women’s prison.” How is this in any way okay? It’s like Cox must be thinking OITNB was indicative of real life (as if trans women know more about vaginas and womanhood than females) because he sure is letting the fame get to his head.

* He doesn’t deserve my respect or acknowledgment of his “gender identity.” As a male supporting masculine behavior thanks to male privilege he too is behaving like a typical male. Criminals asserting “gender identity” and desire to transition on taxpayers’ dollars is one thing, but trans activists supporting them is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Trans people and their allies are bitching about “misgendering” the rapist-murderer and Laverne Cox, as if misgendering a criminal and his biggest supporter is anywhere near as hurtful as being – at the very least – an accomplice of rape and murder, and idolizing serial killers.

It is appalling that they are arguing that “misgendering is violence” compared to, you know, actual violence against women.

Why court-ordered sex changes for prisoners are bad for women

Since trans people keep insisting that claiming “gender identity” alone makes one really trans (and not an autogynephile) and that none of them ever harm females ever, here’s a small sample of other male sex offenders, violent offenders, and murderers who suddenly claimed “gender identity” after they did the deeds, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the trans community keeps rallying around them as their mascots.

Yes, I am referring to them by their male names so that the percentages of female offenders don’t get unfairly skewed. They are offenders on the basis of their sex – those who raped are sex offenders and not gender offenders!


The genderqueer rapist and what it means to conform: http://genderdetective.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/the-genderqueer-rapist-and-what-it-means-to-conform/

“A couple weeks ago, I found out that someone I considered to be a really neat guy was, in fact, a rapist. He was outed as a serial abuser who had committed an unspecified number of sexual assaults under the influence of alcohol, along with a laundry list of other violent crimes (including not disclosing his STD status). It’s common stuff – always saddening, but never surprising.

What makes his case vaguely unusual is that he consistently identified as genderqueer. And when community members put out a warning about his behavior, they avoided “misgendering” by not using male pronouns. In a flash, the specifically male nature of someone continually preying on women through targeted intoxication was handily erased.”

Another serial rapist: http://yoursocialconstructsareshowing.tumblr.com/post/92097351192/genderheretic-transgender-harms-women

Colleen Francis: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227562/Colleen-Francis-Outrage-transgendered-woman-permitted-use-college-womens-locker-room-exposing-himself.html

Christopher Hambrook: http://www.torontosun.com/2014/02/15/a-sex-predators-sick-deception

Calling himself “Jessica,” Hambrook demanded access to two women’s shelters in Toronto. This is his right under the law Hall advocates. The shelters would have been subjected to a discrimination complaint had they denied him access, or even if they had asked him for medical proof his gender identity.

In February 2012, a woman living at the shelter went to bed wearing tights, a bathing suit and a lightweight shirt in an attempt to cover herself.  She awoke to find Hambrook assaulting her.

Paula Witherspoon: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/02/paula-witherspoon-transgender-woman-womens-rest-room_n_1471716.html

Dana McCallum: Rape of his wife

David E. Megarry Jr.: Convicted child rapist

Bradley Manning: Violent offender, assault of females

Robert Kosilek: 

“…got into an altercation with his wife after she confronted him about wearing her clothes (incl, if I recall, her underwear).

The altercation became violent when Kosilek chased his spouse out of the house and into her car, wherein she attempted to lock the doors.

She was not fast enough.

Kosilek strangled his spouse with so much force that the wire used nearly decapitated her.
She was then left in the car, while Kosilek went inside and prepared supper for their son, a minor at the time.”

The Jane Doe prisoner from July: http://yoursocialconstructsareshowing.tumblr.com/post/91758108602/teens-violent-history-left-state-no-option



3 thoughts on “Laverne Cox fucks up big-time. Also: the issue of gender identity for criminals

  1. Let’s get a few things straight.

    “Gender” is “sex” and “the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). So, someone is not trans’ing gender if they’re displaying the behavior, culture, or psychology of the other sex, they are disobeying gender. That doesn’t mean that they’re the ‘opposite’ gender, because they are not the right sex to be the opposite gender. They are effectively mixing and matching the traits of one sex and the biology of another to create something completely different. Because the definition also has “typically associated with one sex” in it, it shows that it’s all about societal norms. Which means that there is no “gender” for trans people because there are no societal norms for males behaving like females or for females behaving like males. They are not normal and so norms do not exist, meaning a gender for them does not exist. So, the term “transgender” is a misnomer. They are without gender or they are some new gender, but they are absolutely not the same gender as regular males and females, because their biology doesn’t match — and that is an inextricable part of the definition, one’s biology.

    Now, for some other relevant terms. The primary definition of “woman” is “an adult female human.” While the notion of “woman” being someone who is “womanly” or “feminine” does come up in some dictionaries, it doesn’t come up in all of them. The only common definition to all of the dictionaries I’ve referenced is that a woman is “an adult female human.” A “female” is defined as someone who can produce eggs and give birth. With this in mind, a trans “woman” is never a woman because they are never female. Not only do they not have a gender to begin with because there are no norms associated with males appearing as females, but they’re not even a woman or female by definition. So, there is no “misgendering” occurring. They do not have a “gender” as per the established ones of “male” and “female” and they are not the sex/gender they claim to be. Even the term “she” is specifically defined as being associated with the female sex.

    So, you are not misgendering these people at all. You’re telling it like it is. The pronoun “he” is specifically for males, which Cox is. If they got their testes removed, then they are sexually neuter, in which case the pronoun “they” may be used instead, as it is gender-neutral. But, “he” is still valid with respect to their history and their chromosomes, as well as every other aspect of their biology. It’s crazy that people can’t see this. It’s not “tolerance” to pretend that reality is something other than what it is, it’s a delusion. That’s not an acceptable thing to expect from other people. People who tell you you’re being mean or intolerant for telling them the truth are being unreasonable. If the truth is so bothersome to you that you can’t face it, it isn’t the responsibility of the world to pretend that reality is something other than what it is, just to make you feel better. It’s your responsibility to deal with the fact that you can’t handle the truth. So, if Cox has a problem with the fact that they’re not female or a woman, that’s their problem. It’s not hate speech to state the truth. It’s hateful to expect people to lie about reality just to pander to their mental illness…that’s f***ing hateful…

    • I agree with most everything except that “gender” has been used as a substitute for “sex” and in its true meaning, “gender” is akin to social and cultural conditioning of each sex – nurture, not nature. So, saying that there is a “womanly” way of acting, feeling or looking is an insult to women, or female-born people, who do not look, feel or act accordingly – femininity doesn’t require a vagina or XX chromosomes! Gender is used to make females conform to socio-cultural norms (for women, this is femininity) and includes, but is not limited to, practices such as footbinding, FGM, hijab and niqab veils, shaving, waxing, makeup, dresses, high heels, etc. They have shown themselves to be harmful to females. M2T are still males no matter what, F2T are still females no matter what. It is biologically impossible to change one’s sex.

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