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Morocco, part 2: Politics, Jokes & Memes

I’m making this into a part 2 to talk about some of the jokes and memes, and also the political issues in Morocco one of which I happened to be around (some protesting of the child rapist):


Moroccan women:

On the women “mules” who carry goods to sell : a borderline where women bear the weight

the lady mules of Morocco

Sexual harassment:

4/14/2014: Moroccan women go out on streets, demanding constitutional guarantee of gender equality


First, Morocco was supposed to change the law requiring a rape victim to marry her rapist and everyone thought it’d be changed but they didn’t. Then after another girl committed suicide they finally changed it.

1/23/2013: Morocco to change laws to outlaw rape marriages after suicide of girl forced to wed her rapist
Nearly a year after Morocco was shocked by the suicide of a 16-year-old girl who was forced to marry her alleged rapist, the government has announced plans to change the penal code to outlaw the traditional practice.

Women’s rights activists on Tuesday welcomed Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid’s announcement, but said it was only a first step in reforming a penal code that doesn’t do enough to stop violence against women in this North African kingdom.

A paragraph in Article 475 of the penal code allows those convicted of “corruption” or “kidnapping” of a minor to go free if they marry their victim and the practice was encouraged by judges to spare family shame. (AP Photo/Abdeljalil Bounhar)

11/22/2013: Moroccan teen, forced to marry her rapist, commits suicide

Marijuana and/or Berbers (Amazigh people):

The Berbers make a living from marijuana which they make into kief and hash. The government has made a farcical attempt to crack down on it by burning old plants, which then makes high those who are near the smoke. When the cops arrest some dealers, there are always others.

Morocco mulls legalizing marijuana

Vice magazine: I went on a hash-making holiday in Northern Morocco

The insistence on speaking only “pure” Arabic, along with attempting to eradicate Berber culture and its pagan elements.

Berber Leader Belkacem Lounes:”There Is No Worse Colonialism Than That of the Pan-Arabist Clan that Wants to Dominate Our People” →

Berber vs. Berber Debate →

“Throughout the recent fighting in Gaza, the mainstream North African press was nearly unanimous in its support for the Palestinians and its condemnation of Israel. Some Amazigh (Berber) activist groups, though, made a point of distancing themselves from this mainstream view – for which they were attacked by the Islamist press. While a number of conservative and left-wing Amazigh groups expressed support for the Palestinians, others expressed contrary views, to underline their non-Arab identity and their belief that North Africa should detach itself politically and culturally from the Middle East.”
“And the so-called ‘Arab street[?]’ A brainless herd that has been indoctrinated and riled up and that has lost all sense of gravity and direction. They express their hatred for the Jews, whom they hope to exterminate from the face of the Earth… Yet this ‘Arab street’, which sees itself as the voice of the [world’s] peoples, never dared to lift a finger against the crimes committed by the Hamas fundamentalists, or by the Arabo-Islamist regimes against non-Arab populations in Darfur, Kurdistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, or Niger. No! [And] the rights of the Amazigh people are supposed to be sacrificed on the altar of [this] Arab fundamentalism.”
— Moha Moukhlis, Berber activist, amazighworld.org

The Amazigh traditional arts of Kabylia: Weaving

More information on weaving traditions here.

Singer Hindi Zahra:

Dihya Kahina, 7th century Amazigh queen and female warrior chief against the invading Arabs.

Dihya – Kateb Yacine:

(Dihya, the kahina of Aurès, the text of Kateb Yacine: extract of the war of two thousands years)


All these religions which are there only one

Serve foreign kings.

They want to take us our country.

The best lands are not enough for them.

They also want the soul and the spirit of our people.

To enslave us better, they speak about a single God.

But each of them claims it

Exclusively for him and for his.

This God whom we impose us

Of so far by weapons

The veil of the conquest is only.

The only God whom we know,

We can see him and the touch:

I kiss it in front of you,

It is the alive ground ,

The ground which makes us live,

The ground free of Amazigh!

5/22/2013: Berbers have been putting their flag on their mosques to stop the crawling of Wahabists and Salafists.



In the city of Marrakech, Conor Woodman dodges dancers and snake charmers as he is led by false guides to fake rugs sold by shady shop keepers. Just scratching the surface and on the tourist side of it.


What happens when two males go public about being gay.



Some members of the current party in power in Morocco were in a plane going to Egypt. They were watching a movie, Spider Man. In the scene where Spidey kisses Mary Jane, they got mad and created a fuss that threatened the safety of everyone in that plane. source


3748 : (50.35 %)
3333 : (44.77 %)

No opinion
363 : (4.88 %)

number of participants : 7444

Muslim imperialism:

Whitewashing Muslim Imperialism

The Truth About Islamic Crusades and Imperialism

Sharia Do Like It

Arab slave trade

Islamic slavery

The Dark World of the Arab Child Slave Trade

“The Persians ruled for a thousand years and did not need us Arabs even for a day. We have been ruling them for one or two centuries and cannot do without them for an hour.”

– Al-Ma’mun, Abbasid Caliph (786-833)

“The Ka’aba in Mecca was a center of idol-worship. 360 idols were kept in the Ka’aba. According to Hadith Bukhari 3:43:658 Narrated Abdullah bin Masud: The Prophet entered Mecca and (at that time) there were three hundred-and-sixty idols around the Ka’aba. He started stabbing the idols with a stick he had in his hand and reciting: “Truth (Islam) has come and Falsehood (disbelief) has vanished.”The Black-stone or al-Ḥajar al-Aswad of the Ka’aba became the central shrine object in Islam. It was one of the many stones and idols venerated by pre-Islamic Pagans. The Black Stone was kissed by people during pre-Islamic pagan worship. Muhammad did not completely abolish Idol worship, he made the Black Stone stay and allowed people to continue the practice of kissing the stone. It is the same pre-Islamic Pagan stone that Muslims kiss today during Hajj and Umrah. The Islamic historians believe that the black stone was a pagan deity called ‘Al-Lat’, one of the three daughters of Allah, the Pagan moon-god. She was once venerated as a cubic rock at Ta’if in Arabia.

Hisham ibn-Al-Kalbi (819 CE) in his ‘The book of Idols’ wrote that ‘Al-lat stood in al-Ta’if, and was more recent than Manah. She was a cubic rock beside which a certain Jew used to prepare his barley porridge (sawiq). Her custody was in the hands of the banu-’Attab ibn-Malik of the Thayif, who had built an edifice over her. […]She is the idol which God mentioned when He said, “Have you seen al-lat and al-Uzza?” (Surah 53:19)Muslims in the 21st century believe that the Black Stone fell from the heaven during the era of Adam and Eve. They also believe that the stone was originally white, but it turned black because of absorbing human sins.”

– http://freethoughtblogs.com/taslima/2012/07/21/ramadan-was-a-pagan-arab-festival-2/

Pardon of child rapist: 

8/3/2013: Moroccan police beat up demonstrators protesting king’s pardon of Spanish child rapist – The Washington Post →

Having sex:

8/3/2013: Known Marxist couple jailed for eating and having sex during Ramadan

Anti-black racism:

racism is alive and well in Casacaca. “It is strictly forbidden to rent apartments to Africans.” funny thing is, they’ve forgotten they’re Africans, themselves.

Pro-Assad protest in Rabat, Morocco:


4/16/2013: Muslim council now has a consensus to kill anyone who changes from the Muslim faith, including those who parents are Muslim.

sources: 1, 2

Hopefully the king won’t stand for it…and will remain in power while being against it.

Keep in mind, Morocco is/was considered a “moderate” Muslim country; meaning, you could smoke kief and hash, drink alcohol, and have nonmarital sex in secret unless/until you get caught (but  blogging about apostasy or criticizing Islam/the king openly/under one’s real name definitelygets you caught).


3/25/2013: Femen reaches Morocco.

The rich elites:

Morocco: Who’s your daddy? 

Killing people in drunken car accidents, stabbing someone in the street… Moroccan elite’s offspring can get away with pretty much anything. And even get strange (yet highly paid) public jobs. Free Arabs investigates.

Stray cats and dogs:

There is a volunteer group that deworms and treats stray cats and dogs. They are doing amazing work!


Jokes and memes: If you want to complain about these, keep in mind that it was Moroccans themselves that created them.






Like I was saying in the last post, Ramadan is not a fun time at all for non-Muslims. Eid is no fun either. All the stray animals are nowhere to be found when the livestock get slaughtered because the smell of bloodshed rightfully scares them. After the livestock get ritually slaughtered the people cut off the head (considered a delicacy), clean up the blood and hang up the animal while organs and parts are cut for roasting and barbecuing. There are white, brown and black sheep. The black ones are said to have the worst temperament, which is probably why I like them the most.



In order to live with a corrupt bureacracy you have to either play the games of lies (cops ask for bribes) or (to keep your integrity) live off the grid with no official work or bank records and fake online identity (Facebook can be investigated to make arrests), along with the inability to get a Visa. It is about survival.


Morocco’s Climbing Goats:

Goats on trees are found mostly only in Morocco. The goats climb them because they like to eat the fruit of the argan tree, which is similar to an olive. Farmers actually follow the herds of goats as they move from tree to tree. Not because it is so strange to see goats in trees and the farmers like to point and stare, but because the fruit of the tree has a nut inside,

which the goats can’t digest, so they spit it up or excrete it which the farmers collect. The nut contains 1-3 kernels, which can be ground to make argan oil used in cooking and cosmetics. This oil has been collected by the people of the region for hundreds of years, but like many wild and useful things these days, the argan tree is slowly disappearing due to over-harvesting for the tree’s wood and overgrazing by goats.
Some people got a hissyfit over this one, calling this “white supremacy.” I found it on Moroccan page!
8/1/2013: A rapist of children between 4-15 years old in Kenitra was sentenced to 30 years in prison, then got the royal pardon because he has cancer. There is outrage but the government is denying it, sweeping it under the rug. Meanwhile people who do normal things in public actually do time, like the girl who got 3 months for smoking. The rapist was Spanish; freed so as not to exacerbate Spanish-Moroccan relations.
“Al afu3” here means “the pardon” (king’s pardon)
A Jew sits next to a hash smoker
hash smoker asks him: you smoke?
Jew: no
Hash smoker: you drink?
Jew: no
Hash smoker: you smoke hash?
Jew: noHash smoker: You’re a kaffir for nothing.
“They protest against me, I swear I’ll add another day to Ramadan.” Which reminds me, you’ll never see dissent on tv there. Nothing criticizing Islam or the king.

I’m for women’s rights and pro Islam, because I’m (fucking) high.

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