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Various feminisms critiqued

We’re all sisters and therefore responsible for countering our community’s bullshit vs. we’re all sisters and therefore you need to go along with the bullshit. – otsis




these are the biggest problems within the current feminist movement imo:

  • liberal feminism- the more women climbing corporate ladders and getting ahead in capitalism and oppressing other women the better
  • white feminism- completely ignoring the intersection of racism and misogyny, only focusing on the struggles of white middle class women
  • pop feminism- forgetting about feminist writers and academics but idolising pop stars who said a vaguely feminist thing once
  • sex posi feminism- rebranding women’s objectification and sexualisation as empowering, coercively calling women misogynistic slurs, and embracing fetishes of rape and abuse
  • choice feminism- the idea that any choice a woman makes is feminist while totally ignoring the fact that choices aren’t made in a vacuum and oppression doesn’t become empowerment just because you say it does
  • het feminism- framing feminism around how to have more comfortable romantic and sexual relationships with men rather than liberating women from oppressive systems such as compulsory heterosexuality. distancing themselves from and stigmatising “hairy man hating lesbians”
  • fashion feminism- wearing the denim jackets and reading rookie and listening to riot grrrl and repeating slogans but not actually learning anything

like it’s just endlessly frustrating seeing so many young feminists led down all these bad paths (i’ve been through most of them) and i’d love to see a shift more towards potent, revolutionary, radical feminism

we’ve gotta fight for it sisters

If I may add:

  • capitalist feminism- ignoring the need for a complete revolution of the current pyramid scheme that leaves the needs of the many unchecked for the privileges of a few, of which most are white, male, and heterosexual
  • ableist feminism- forgetting to recognize and accommodate for the various level of ability humans have physically and psychologically

radical feminism: academic/privileged ivory towerism; ignoring lesbians, and women over 25; gender-critical but ignoring trans men; becoming like liberal/choice feminism by uncritically approving of everything women do just because they’re women.

postmodern/trans/queer feminism: conflating sex and gender, conflating trans and intersexed, third gender and two-spirit people.


6 thoughts on “Various feminisms critiqued

  1. “radical feminism: academic/privileged ivory towerism; ignoring lesbians, and women over 25; gender-critical but ignoring trans men; becoming like liberal/choice feminism by uncritically approving of everything women do just because they’re women.”
    Whose critique is this? I don’t see radical feminists acting like this at all. Certainly Andrea Dworkin wasn’t like this at all. And my main inspiration, Twisty Faster, is not like this at all. I can think of some radical feminists who are in the “ivory tower” but they’re not ignoring lesbians and women over 25.

    • lots of them online, straight feminists and the like. they’re not big names like dworkin or twisty faster but have their own clique following.
      of course, this entire critique is from tumblr, and that’s why i prefer to spend my time on wordpress.

      • Huh. I am not aware of this clique at all. And I hate Tumblr! It’s a really frustrating site, stuff is hard to read on there. The only Tumblr I read is Snowflake Especial, and I wish she was on WordPress!

      • Same here. I’ve been on it for 3 years and I’m only on there now for pagan stuff. Too much drama.

        Snowflake Especial has some lengthy writings that would be better served on wordpress (including audience-wise), I agree.

  2. This is a really great summation. I call what most women do (i.e straight women, feminine women and queer friendly hets and lesbians) the path of least resistance. Most of these feminisms are on the path of least resistance and the others are less easy but not by much. I like your blog and I like that you raise the eyebrow at straight feminists but call yourself bisexual, very consistent with the social constructs theme.

    • my being bi is one of the facts about me. even if i decided to exclusively date women, i’m not going to appropriate and call myself a lesbian. and thank you.

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