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Pornographers are shitting their pants

So, the issue of condom enforcement in porn has come up again in the wake of workers either discovering they have HIV or still working in spite of having it. In LA there is a mandatory condom law, and pornographers are moving to Las Vegas and Eastern Europe. Fucking typical. It is not surprising that they would put profit over the workers’ (predominantly women’s) health. This in spite of supporters advocating for reform and insisting that porn can be made safe!

My favorite analogy for this refusal of condom enforcement on porn sets is the butcher shop, although it’s tongue-in-cheek. We don’t allow the workers to handle raw meat without gloves on, so why should the people in porn be around bodily fluids without protection? Either the sex industry gets treated with the same standards of health and safety as every other (legitimate) job, or it needs to be abolished. And here is the dilemma: it can’t be treated like every other job. The pimps and pornographers and their supporters can talk a mad game about reducing stigma and the workers wanting to be taken seriously, but in reality they won’t stand for it. What matters to them is the bottom line.

Keep in mind also that the current system of porn is based on harm reduction and not harm prevention. Porn users do not want to see condoms being used, and they enjoy seeing money shots. Consequently, they (men) will insist on not wearing condoms when they have sex, and mimicking money shots. I have read about men faking the putting-on of condoms. It is disgusting. It is also a form of rape, and this same thing happens to prostituted women, or the johns simply refuse to wear condoms outright, or pay higher prices to go bareback. The only difference I see between prostitution and porn is the use of a camera to film the acts.

I want people to know that the women in the sex industry don’t have the same kinds of protections that those outside of it too, especially when it comes to rape and STDs. Non-prostituted women can sue for knowingly being given an STD. However, women outside of the industry already aren’t taken seriously when it comes to rape, so rape is much worse for women in the industry – per the saying that “you can’t rape a whore.” Pornographers get women to sign a contract so the women can’t refuse the acts (even if they’re not included in the original contract) or they won’t get paid, and also they (the pornographers) aren’t responsible for any personal trauma, injury or illness that occurs. All the pornographers care about is the filming, and putting on a good show (of acting, and fake pleasure) after all the editing. For them, the workers are disposable and interchangeable with one another.

Eastern Europe is not a good place for Americans. Feminists already know that Eastern European women are trafficked in the sex industry, the women desperate enough to do anything that they think will give them a better life. But I hope – per Gregory’s suspicion – that the pornographers meet a deadly fate there as they attempt to lure the women.


2 thoughts on “Pornographers are shitting their pants

  1. I was in Budapest a few weeks ago. Prostitution is legal there, and guess what? – women from Ukraine and Romania are trafficked into Hungary all the time. Some of them don’t even bother looking for johns; they want husbands or sugar daddies to support them financially (which is understandable, since they are being held in virtual sex slavery, don’t want to have to deal with violent johns, and are in desperate need of a means of survival). So, they would rather get married to a guy who picked them up off the street than continue having their bodies sold for money. Budapest is also the porno capital of the world, so it shouldn’t be surprising. Many women from Eastern Europe resort to prostitution as a means of escaping the economic turmoil of their countries since the fall of Soviet communism. The thing is, legalization there did not end the problems.

    The thing is, even “happy hookers” tend to be split on whether or not they want to see prostitution fully legalized and turned into a “business like any other”. The reason being is, they don’t want to have to deal with all the taxes and regulations that would come with full legalization. They know the state would enforce laws like mandatory condom use and demand that all sex workers be tested for STIs, meaning that those who come up positive for HIV or any other infection might be forced to quit. Then there’s the talk of just unionizing prostitutes and letting the union regulate everything, but it’s obvious the union would just enforce the same regulations the government would (mandatory condoms, mandatory STI testing, mandatory psychological testing) albeit with a little less harshness. So in other words, many prostitutes would rather keep prostitution an underground dealing than something legalized and regulated. If this is the case, what does it mean about the sex industry?

    • “They know the state would enforce laws like mandatory condom use and demand that all sex workers be tested for STIs, meaning that those who come up positive for HIV or any other infection might be forced to quit.” Yeah, I have a problem with that too, and I talked about it in the post “Why sex should not be work,” (Aug. 5th) particularly the double standards which don’t apply to the johns in regards to worker health and safety; namely, that it’s about the health and safety of the johns. The workers are perfectly capable of getting tested themselves. I mean, with all the discrimination they face resulting in their staying in or returning to the sex industry, it’s a lose-lose situation. I think if there is mandatory condom use then the risk of getting/passing HIV or some other STD is much less, but it’s not like that will happen anyway.

      One day I’ll have to visit one or two of these countries in Europe with prostitution is legalized, to see for myself. I don’t have anything to add to the rest of what you said, except thanks for your insider knowledge and input.

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