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Calling feminists ugly means you lose

Originally posted on Elkballet:

This is more just a quick note than a post, but I wanted to put it out there anyways. I’m sure anyone who has been a feminist blogger for long enough has been told she’s only a feminist because she’s ugly. The good news is, whenever someone calls a feminist ugly no response is even necessary because the ignoramus has already lost the debate, lost at whatever they were trying to say. See if the feminist viewpoint is that women are only able to define themselves according to their beauty and that’s extremely harmful and hinders any real progress towards equity, then arguing they are ugly makes exactly the point the feminists are trying to make. See in essence throwing in that a feminist is ugly is saying, “your arguments are invalid because you are ugly and beauty is the only thing that a woman has to offer.” In response to feminists arguing that beauty is the only way a woman can define herself. Need I say more?

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