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Five questions for people who advocate legalizing prostitution

Originally posted on Queer Theory: The new men’s rights movement:

1: Multiple studies have shown that the vast majority of women in prostitution would exit immediately if given the chance. With this in mind, how can working inside the sex industry be seen as an expression of agency or free choice?

2:Women of color, indigenous women, and economically disadvantaged women are massively overrepresented in prostitution. Consider other institutions that rely primarily on the labor of the most oppressed members of the society. Do we consider them just or unjust?

3: Prostitution has traditionally been used as an expression of colonialism, genocide, femicide, and white supremacy. Can you point out even a single instance of a sex industry that was not based in or plagued by patriarchy, racism, and classism?

4: Consider the prominent male voices in support of prostitution. Are you comfortable supporting an industry fueled almost solely by the demand of anti-feminist and openly misogynistic men?

5: Do you believe the average man who purchases sex respects or otherwise cares about the safety and dignity of prostituted women? If not, do you believe that encouraging or promoting increased sexual contact between women and misogynists is a sensible approach to promoting women’s rights across the globe?

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