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Marriage versus Sex-Work: A Question

Caroline Criado-Perez

Yesterday, I had a piece in the New Statesman about marriage – specifically, about marriage certificates. Having recently got engaged, I had discovered, to my horror, that the legal document that would represent this incredibly important (to me) moment, declared one of the most important people in my life surplus to requirements: simply put, marriage certificates ask for your father’s name, but not your mother’s. Not only this, but while your father has a box for his profession (??!), should you not know who your father is, should you have two mothers, you cannot put your mother in this box instead. Better have no parent at all, than a female one – so the law goes.

Obviously, given how ridiculous this is, I was outraged by this blatantly sexist hangover. What a nasty little blight on what should be a joyous day. I felt that I simply couldn’t get married as things stood…

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