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Men’s opinions on women’s issues are irrelevant

I am all for men standing in solidarity with radical feminists. It’s just that I think women’s opinion on women’s issues should take precedence, because they are the ones concerned.

Why? Well, both liberal and conservative men are great examples. Conservative men tend to be religious or at least otherwise patriarchal. Liberal men are patriarchal, too. Although they seem to support women’s “choices,” what’s really happening is that they are thinking with their dicks. By mansplaining as to the benefits they get out of the deal, they are showing that they don’t support women for their own sake, especially when women’s best interests do not have anything to do with men.

The only say that a man would have in regards to having a child or not is his own responsibility for bringing condoms when he has sex with a woman, instead of putting all the burden on women. Liberal men can talk all they want about how men have no say on abortion because they can’t get pregnant, but it’s the same thing when it comes to their opinions on the sex industry: irrelevant. Women are predominantly the victims in the sex industry, and transactional sex in general, because women are oppressed on the basis of their sex. Any woman can have and voice their opinion in the sex industry, even if – especially if – they don’t support it, because it is in league with the status quo of men being able to have access to women’s bodies for sexual or reproductive use.

What I mean is that chances are a man speaking about women’s issues is going to speak about them only according to their own self-interest, or the interest of their sex-class in order to continue to dominate women. In other words, I don’t trust male opinions when the male is thinking with his dick.

In addition to this, men are notorious for stealing feminist arguments, even self-proclaimed “allies.” Knowing they are the default human and people will pay more attention to them and take them seriously, they will get cookies for talking about issues that would be ignored coming from women, instead of talking to other men about the issues of misogyny. Consumerist propaganda is another example of this; by hijacking feminist themes they can get people to buy more shit. The businessmen elites are male. Do they really care about feminism? No. They just wanted to get a new demographic. Pornographers do the same when they need a new market and mainstream porn is not doing it for the customers they want to get, so they get into so-called “feminist” porn.

It’s all a sham.


2 thoughts on “Men’s opinions on women’s issues are irrelevant

    • “Yousadumbitch.” White wannabe black dudes are hysterical. You assume men know what doing the “right thing” is!

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