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Legitimate PTSD

Anonymous said: Triggers are only valid if you actually had a real fucking traumatic experience. If you black out and wake up shaking and crying because a car backfired and the noise sounded like a gunshot and you fought overseas in Iraq Afghanistan or Vietnam or something that is legitimate.



I’d be more sympathetic to this argument if it wasn’t constantly used to say “rape and domestic violence aren’t ”””legitimately””” traumatizing so shut up rape victims” so like lol ok i guess

It’s always really interesting to me how invested so many people are in making sure that men’s ultramasculine war trauma is the only real trauma. (Of course, there are no women in war. Of course.)

But then, PTSD was shell shock when it got a name, because it needed to be called something other than what it was when it manifested in very similar ways in women. Can’t have men coming back from the front as hysterics.

me: i remember reading a comment saying that the veterans who had the worst ptsd were those that committed the worst atrocities. (in addition to being unable to adjust back to civilian life)

if that’s true, then the ptsd of rape victims must have some differences, because the violent perpetrators are unable to come to terms with what they did as opposed to (in the case of rape victims) what was done to them:

“People turn to grease when they explode, he told us, because their fat cells burst open. He witnessed multiple suicide bombings. Once, he accidentally stepped in an exploded corpse; only the legs were still recognizable as human. Another time, he saw a kitchen full of women sliced to bits. They’d been making couscous when a bomb went off and the windows shattered. He was shot in the back of the head once. He was also injured by an improvised explosive device.

But none of those experiences haunted him quite as much as this one: Several months into his tour, while on a security detail, Eugene killed an innocent man and then watched as the man’s mother discovered the body a short while later.” (source)

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