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The myth of the “manipulated man”

so recently i found the pdf for esther vilar’s “the manpulated man” on bodybuilding.com, quite by accident. in it she writes rape apologist and completely anti-feminist stuff like:


The dishonesty of female prostitution is the central theme of this book. Few men object to paying
for sex-in fact, society has trained them to accept this contract as a basic tenet of life-as long as this
is an honest and equal transaction. In primitive cultures, where making love is considered as natural
as eating or sleeping, a man often brings a present of
beads to his partner before entering her bed. But sex is always guaranteed, never just implied. This
is a simple and aboveboard business arrangement, with both parties in agreement.
So if a man spends his money on a woman, he wants sex in return, as naturally he should. But the
woman, as we’ve seen, often fails to comprehend the logic of this scenario. She feels that no bargain
has been broken when she allows a man to take her out, and then refuses to sleep with him, even
though she has used her body and her femininity to lure him into wanting to spend time with her in
the first place. She suffers no guilt or remorse or sense of debt when she flirts with men to buy her
drinks or gifts. Such behavior is a flagrant abuse of sexual power, and women are such masters of
duplicity that they have even manipulated men into feeling guilty for demanding a proper sexual
payment. Dating and courtship have become nothing more than a con game sanctioned by society, a
society controlled, of course, by women.”

but OF COURSE all men want sex at all costs! women should be mind-readers and men should be…well, uncontrollable animals. how dare they want to socialize and date for its own enjoyment, because sex is the price women must pay for associating with men! amiright, vilar?

good grief. ¡qué bruta!

anyway, i was really searching for “the emotional plague, the feminine mystique and the manipulated man” (a shitty essay which i am going to do a critique on). now i know he not only read friedan’s “the feminine mystique” by vilar’s crap (neither of which he actually cited as references btw), in an attempt to be “egalitarian” and blend feminism and masculism (an incompatible mix). men have been calling feminism a hate movement and getting butthurt over women’s rights since women began fighting for them; claiming men are oppressed when women want rights for themselves is nothing new. the fact that MRAs claim that patriarchy doesn’t exist in the west but in the east is a good indicator that they want western women to regress so that they themselves can be in the position of eastern men. they are also ignorant of the fact that changing laws does not change the bigoted views dominant groups hold over other groups, such as: rape culture (the normalization of rape), sexist and racist employment discrimination (the gender-wage gap, further broken down by race; firing or not hiring women of color or women who they think may become mothers), discrimination in housing, medical practice, etc.

i am really tired of the myth that “feminism is about equality” in an attempt to appeal to men. if a woman agrees with men that her sex class is sexually manipulative, that’s not a feminist view. end of.

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