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MRA debunking

my reply to this MRA was so long i had to divide it into parts. i keep wanting to add more things to them, finer points, but then again my whole tumblr has a whole lot of information (including scientific studies) archived under tags.

Debunking MRA rhetoric

“men aren’t the only ones that are violent”

“have some DV links too”

“finally, members of YOUR movement showing their true colors!”

in conclusion, your topics were terribly fucking researched and i doubt it was you who cobbled that list together. peer-reviewed articles or other reliable studies? duplicate studies with similar results? accurate methodology? were there nation-wide studies? nope! instead, you relied on an approach where you bombarded me with a bunch of bogus links rather than a few reliable ones, putting quantity over quality.

good grief, anyone can debunk an MRA. it’s no fucking wonder even other misogynistic men won’t touch the MRM with a ten-foot pole; they’ll agree with the rhetoric, but won’t go so far as to support their views with flawed studies, and deliberately exaggerate the numbers just because 3% of men being abused in IPV doesn’t matter that much to them anyway.

you don’t care about men, you only care about attacking women. if you think that makes you feel “more like a man” or is “helping men,” then i’d truly feel sorry for you and your ilk, but you’re not worth even my pity.

telling someone to “get the fuck out” of their own damn post which they wrote? that’s rich, intruding on a thread where you’re not welcome and demanding it for yourself. your shitty tirade which you no doubt copied-and-pasted from somewhere else was good for a laugh, but besides that you’re incredibly boring and a waste of time. fuck right off.



oh my god if I had the patience I could go through that mra bs one by one

first : linking to various female murderers doesn’t change the fact that men commit 90% of murders.

Feminists fought for legal reforms of sexual assault legislation so that men and women alike could be victimized or a perpetrator, and men are still 97% of sexual offenders and women are still disproportionately the victims.

Females being ”more controlling” is a blatant lie because sexual symmetry in domestic violence is a myth.  In astudy of domestic violence in England lasting 6 years, male offenders were always the main aggressors, inflicting violence regularly and severely. And you know what? Women were three times more likely to be targeted for arrest, indicating that there is gendered injustice against women. So that’s your MRA myths about DV not surviving to the smallest amount of scrutiny.

The rest is mostly like, youtube links to that fabricated video by a MRA org about DV to make it looks like no one reacted to a man being beaten, comparing feminism to nazism even though nazis were anti-feminists, linking an article exposing that the CAFE stands for men’s superiority as ”equality” but still trying to paint it as ”feminists shut down gender equality fest for excluding men” lmao? can’t you read?

so yeah. ”rekt”.

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