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The Girlfriend Experience

This parody video by Wendy Ho perfectly illustrates the real Girlfriend Experience.

It also illustrates, to a lesser extent, how men feel they are entitled to sex and probably aren’t very sincere in a relationship – just going along to get sex. Men twist this around by complaining how they invest so much money into a relationship and don’t get any sex in return, comparing it to prostitution. They complain about how their IRL girlfriends fake orgasms, and then pay a woman to do the same thing, and end up spending far more money in prostitution than in a relationship or even just socializing and dating. When they ask for a GFE from prostituted women, they are really asking for a feminine, submissive ideal – a woman who pretends to be caring and orgasmic, who doesn’t talk back or refuse anything. So their original arguments are invalid: Johns want to be made to feel like they are Nice Guys no matter what.

The underlying issue is the transactional model of sex and in relationships, male sexual entitlement that attempts to enforce such a view. The real girlfriend experience involves the ability to refuse sex for any reason, including “not being in the mood,” and if the boyfriend has a problem with that then he needs to help put her in the mood or deal with it; if he doesn’t want to and insists on penetrating her, he’s committing rape. I’m with the “girlfriend” on this one in her exercise of consent – or rather, non-consent.


2 thoughts on “The Girlfriend Experience

  1. This video is so hilarious! Men who pay for “the girlfriend experience” aren’t paying for a girlfriend experience at all!

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