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On “misgendering” convicted felons

i understand using someone’s correct pronouns out of respect or personal familarity/friendship, but rapists, murderers and other violent offenders who suddenly “identify” as women after being convicted don’t deserve that privilege IMO. beyond my feelings, however, there is the fact that SEX offenders and MALE violent offenders need to be revealed for what they are.

there is a controversy over general trans people and “truscum” who rightly find that many trans women – including sex/violent offenders – are autogynephilic cross-dressing fetishists and not truly “trans” since they tend to be late transitioners who were already assimilated as male, usually married with children, and benefitting from male privilege and socialization, including conditioning into male violence. while i agree with this to the extent that i don’t think transition is the answer for most trans-identifying people on the other hand it gives the message: “don’t engage in violence against females – not because it’s wrong and misogynistic but because it’s UNLADYLIKE or UNFEMININE.”


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