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Thoughts on trans people

From a tumblr ask.

Anonymous said: I’m confused….what are your beliefs about transgendered people?

I really think trans women such as snowflakespecial and transcultist have done a lot of good at distinguishing this and being allies to radical feminists, and you can check out more under the #trans and #janice-raymond tags, but here goes:

– trans people have the right to housing, food, employment, and health care just like everyone else.

– there needs to be a distinction between transgender and transsexual. same for gender dysphoria and sex dysphoria.

children learn about gender role socialization very early on, about the age of 4, with bedroom colors, toys, clothes and so on. they learn about sex and genital differences later. so i think gender dysphoria is going to be far more common than sex dysphoria; yet in trans activism, the two are conflated with the term ‘gender identity.’

sex dysphoria is a legitimate reason to seek transition, so that trans people can feel at peace with their bodies. gender dysphoria, on the other hand, includes autogynephiles who transition later on in life and are really fetishists. they also have a really horrible time trying to pass and are making a history of assaulting females, in bathrooms and elsewhere.

on the whole, however, i am all for preserving physical integrity and against mutilation, and SRS does not change the fact that one can’t truly change their sex. there are also cases of SRS regret and detransition that are deliberately not mentioned by the trans community when addressing questions and concerns for people seeking to transition. another thing is the issue of f2m transition as a way to erase butch lesbians (and vice-versa; m2f transition to erase gay men): cf. FTM transsexualism and grief and Nymeses’ blog.

– male privilege and socialization is real for born males, trans or not (cf. #male-violence tag).  trans men tend to be really good allies to women, having been born female and understanding female socialization.

– women have the right to women-only spaces (including trans women) but also the right to born women/female-only spaces (excluding trans women).

– i am for sex-segregated bathrooms and unisex single-stall bathrooms.

– ’cis’ privilege does not exist, because gender-nonconformism includes people who are not trans.

– i don’t agree that ‘tranny’ is a slur, so i side with rupaul on this, as gay men came up with the term, and males beating up trans women are likely to yell,”F-GGOT” at them. if trans women were really concerned about it, maybe they should go after the chasers and ‘shemale’ pornographers fetishizing them, since trans women are conflated with the porn genre.

– trans people have the right to change the sex listed for them after fully transitioning and not before.

– nobody has the right to sex, not even trans women (and i notice it is only ever trans women doing this). lesbians refusing sex with trans women is not transphobic, and it is silly to assume that they must have sex with trans women in order to ‘prove’ that they’re not.

– i think using trans people’s preferred pronouns comes from respect and usually personal familiarity with the person. if they rape someone they no longer deserve that privilege, as sex offenders should be referred to with their biological sex. again: sex offenders, not gender offenders.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on trans people

  1. Looks like we’re pretty similar. I just discovered Snowflake Especial this week and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been a steady reader of IBTP for years and I’ve always been the anti-transphobia crusader, but I’m finally understanding that radfems have been mocking some trans activists who really are out to lunch, and not the trans people themselves.

    • Thanks! Some trans people and their allies will still not believe me, but it’s okay. I can only hope they come by this and other posts I’ve written. Snowflake Especial is pretty cool, so is transcultist and there’s also redressalert and twentythreetimes for ftm/detransitioning issues, as well as thirdwaytrans.

    • They didn’t comment again. Must have given up. People should think twice before attributing actual violence to a Fox meme. It makes them look like they are the ones that take faux news seriously.

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