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Whose Weapon Is It Anyway?

Root Veg

Around the blogosphere, there have been repeated calls from the general men’s movement for women to accept men as sexual partners even though they don’t want to. This is in fact an age-old cause of outrage for men, and throughout history they have engineered many systems to help ensure that males can fuck females if they want to, such as marriage and prostitution of women; marriage and prostitution of girls; a social matrix that means women must submit to survive; you know the drill. Skip to the 21st century, though, and there are some more recent innovations. Some men name the problem of women not fucking them as ‘hypergamy‘, while others tend to go with ‘bigotry‘. In the case of the latter, the principal charge thrown at frigid women is transphobia. In particular, transgender males who are rejected by lesbians end up dismayed when their…

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