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Male allies vs horrible excuse for female solidarity

The question is, would I rather:

have discussions with a pro-feminist male ally (who doesn’t even call himself an ally) who I have some mutual friends in common with, listens to other people, does some real-life activism and can actually be vouched for and even called out if need be


have discussions with academic/elitist snobs and their cliques, who are complete strangers, lurk on my blog/posts, resort to emotional manipulation to get their sway and avoid criticism so they can feel right all the time, use the royal “we” to refer to themselves as if they speak for all feminists, and if they do any activism at all it’s only to benefit their own economic class/individual status?

I’m gonna go with the former, believe it or not, until proven wrong.

And I challenge any straight feminist to show me just how their boyfriends make better allies, or better sympathizers to feminism, than other men just because they are fucking them; especially if they were complaining that all male allies are so terrible to begin with. I’d really love to know how males colonizing female bodies is not an example of men invading women’s spaces.

Straight sex =/= male empathy for women


the fact that it is a straight feminist engaged to a male accusing even lesbian friends of Huff Yupp of being “biased” looks like an awful lot like overcompensation, just like how straight feminists are the ones who also like to say,”kill all men” and are against all trans women (‘cause they’re gender-nonconforming males) and not check their casual racism/classism/homophobia etc. i’m supposed to believe quoting a male ally, and in fact all male allies (not just the fauxminists), are horrible, through and through, and radfems should be walled off to criticism. i can’t be very sympathetic about that.

of course they are biased. everyone has biases. and?

don’t tell me every woman who is reblogging are personal friends with each other, they probably feel obliged to for fear of looking like a “bad feminist” (since they also put “radical feminist” in scare quotes for anyone who disagrees).

another irony: prioritizing the voices of male-to-female and detransitioned male-to-female transsexuals over female-to-male and detransitioned female-to-male transsexuals.


it seems there is a trend on tumblr of trans-critical radfems who are gender-conforming/feminine and straight and all they talk about are misogynist gay men and also trans women in female bathrooms and how they are all “men in dresses.” to be fair, many trans activists ARE a threat and some “trans women” are autogynephiles. to say nothing of the misogyny present among gay men (their use of slurs and entitlement to touching women).

at the same time, though, if they are friendly to trans people at all they favor one or two trans women and no trans men at all or detransitioned people (all biologically female). and of course no lesbians, either.

i find that very telling, like: you and trans women enjoy A LOT of the same things like makeup and men?! don’t both of you believe lesbians are oppressive?!

8 thoughts on “Male allies vs horrible excuse for female solidarity

      • The most recent one specifically aimed at me and a couple of other radfems occasionally quoting a male ally nicknamed Huff Yupp (Jonah Mix). I used to quote him by his real name until he changed it on Facebook so I wanted to respect his privacy. Apparently, the alias Huff Yupp is unisex and/or people can’t spend a few seconds googling the guy; it’s not like he’s hiding the fact he’s male: http://yoursocialconstructsareshowing.tumblr.com/post/88065365517

      • Oh okay I see. I don’t know either of these people, although I see nextyearsgirl reposted often. I do think male allies should make clear that they are male (since I post my full name at all times, this is not an issue for me), I went on gendertreason tumblr and didn’t see any indication of such, although it seems to be new so I may not have gotten the right site.

  1. I can get behind that. I just think she could have said that and maybe addressed me personally instead of implying there’s some sort of intentional cover-up and radfems are being deceitful; plus she made a later post replying to an ask saying how her bf was so sympathetic to feminism (and here I thought male allies/sympathizers were supposed to be so terrible). A similar complaint was made before (I think by her but I can’t be sure) when there was no mistake at all that the quote was from a male (yes, including you). So I feel like it’s an attempt to guilt-trip or emotionally manipulate other radfems into agreeing with them. This is why I take breaks from tumblr for days at a time, and I stopped following her after that thread.

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