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All Men


During a recent conversation about the shooting in California, a friend despaired, “What do I tell my daughter? How do I teach her not to get raped? Beaten? Murdered?”

This is the question our culture often asks when it comes to women’s safety, and it is flawed. Teaching women how “not to” get raped/beaten/killed takes responsibility off the perpetrator of such violence: men. Why don’t we teach men how not to kill/beat/rape instead of teaching women and girls how to “avoid it”? Why don’t we hold men accountable for their reprehensible crimes the same way we hold women accountable for their victimization?

Today, online, a bunch of dudes – including actor/director Seth Rogan – got all bent out of shape when women named misogyny. “Not all men” they cried. Or, in Rogan’s case, “How dare you . . .”

You know what, dudes? Your egos and entitlement ARE the…

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