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Debunking the male-dominated/white-collar workplace


I used to follow on tumblr a blog of this guy whose url is violentprojectilebile. In spite of all that’s happened with the mass shootings, and the violence from MRAs, he refuses to put 2 and 2 together and realize that maybe his rhetoric is precisely why he, and other MRAs, do not have girlfriends. That sore point is not my doing – it’s theirs. I can’t tell you the number of entries by him in the past complaining that women are basically gold diggers who don’t want to pay for dates and don’t see how attractive and what a nice guy he is. But hey, maybe these men enjoy being “incels.” It gives them something to whine about when they’ve tried their hardest with the same woman-hating attitudes and remain…incels. Like a definition of insanity: doing something over and over and expecting a different result.

Nothing could be less unique in the manosphere. So when I see entries excusing male-dominated workplaces, I am a little bit peeved. Because there are guys just like VPB in the workplace. It’s not “only on the internet.”


Here are some really moot points he insists on making:

Why are there still so few women in science? where he excerpts a few paragraphs and bases his argument on essentially what is the first page or two of a 10-page article. Want to be dismissive? Fine, but don’t expect to be taken seriously.

And I don’t know how “setbacks” could be any more vague. Discouragement and lack of support are serious issues. Sexual harassment is a serious issue. Discrimination because you’re a woman is a serious issue. Only someone who is invested in trivializing women’s issues would insist that it needs to affect every single woman in order to be big enough, or serious enough, and not just something that continuously affects enough women that there’s a good chance it’ll affect the next recruit  – though they’d probably still dismiss it even then. Nobody who has actually experienced these things, even outside STEM, would demand or even expect other people to succeed with those odds with the implication that they are just weak losers if they don’t. Just what exactly is so great about promoting a martyr work ethic? When you’re a man, and treated much better because of it, all that I’ve mentioned are pretty much non-issues.

Maybe instead of accusing women of a lack of confidence (which is also lobbed at minorities whenever there is something unjust going on), he could stand to look at men’s overconfidence which results in reckless thrill-seeking and overestimation of themselves and their abilities. cf. Racism, sexism, and the myth of the “confidence gap”

What can men do? in which he writes:

What a load of fucking shit. Divert money, embezzle, hire women instead of good employees, refuse to actually work unless it conforms to social justice rules…

How about some real fucking ideas for how to help women in tech: Have them show that they are competent, boom, respect earnt. Second idea, currently, it’s a masculine work area, accept it instead of invading it.

And the reason why workplaces shouldn’t be concerned about diversity is because…? This guy seems to believe that people are all essentially good and discrimination in the workplace never ever happens as if we are living in a meritocracy. Nothing was mentioned about embezzlement, which is a crime. If he had a little more experience or the desire to listen to cases of discrimination in hiring or the work environment that demand “proof” (which usually means asking coworkers to put their asses on the line for you) and hence, can’t be proven at all – he’d know this. Or all the evidence of sexual harassment towards women, since yes, that implicates all men as either active or passive accomplices.

cf. Making it past the lobby of the meritocracy

And uh, yeah, women in tech are “invading” it. That’s what happens when someone of one group enters a field dominated by another group. Deal with it, and quit treating it like it’s territory or set in stone (I mean, come on: “invading”?)

Why women are treated poorly in STEM? where he praises the “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” line. I hate this line because it’s so damn disingenuous, kind of like the line,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It insists on gender expectations from either sex and there is nothing good from gender roles. Since it is not rooted in biology it can’t be “nature” either; it’s “nurture.” When there is a fucked-up environment you don’t demand people conform to it and its double standards (favoring men), unless you are the one who benefits from it. Way to forget, too, that there are men who don’t enjoy a “masculine” work ethic because, after all, it’s a farce and rather sociopathic (just look at the many articles written about how people with ASPD make the best CEOs). Of course, this guy would create a worldview that benefits him and him only, and his limited work experience which looks like he went from college – boom, right into a STEM-field career; a worldview where he arrogantly proclaims to have the solution to every issue brought up by social justice – a collective effort – which coincidentally he has no interest in learning about. This is evidence, yet again, that someone who acts like they have such treasures of knowledge  do not really have anything to offer knowledge-wise. Would you expect anything more of his type? cf. The curious contradiction of the poor social skills of the boy geek

Military people aren’t nice people where he lumps together men that rape their fellow soldiers and kill civilians, and every other soldier who likely has PTSD from being in combat. I am sure many other rape survivors would be offended by this. Help the perpetrators? No fucking way; the military has a history of giving criminal waivers for increasing recruits. Maybe, just maybe, the military is corrupt and needs to be reformed, but then, who or what controls the military? Hmm.

Last thing, because I know it will come up sooner or later if it hasn’t been brought up before (and it has): men dominating feminized or women-dominated jobs. There was a commentary by a woman (Amy Glass) who wrote a commentary demeaning blue and pink-collar jobs in favor of “valuable” work such as white-collar jobs, dreams (whatever those are – writing and art?), activism, and hobbies. You know, wealthy entitled people attitude, complete with servants for the Very Important Person. Here it is: Is the point of having kids just to not be lonely?

Oddly enough, many feminized/pink-collar or female-dominated careers and jobs – cooking, nursing, raising children, teaching, waitressing – suddenly have more status and are legitimized as “work” when done by men and hence taken out of the home into the public realm. Also, who is sustaining the white-collar workers? The pink and blue collar ones. Children need mothers just as much as doctors for their survival and well-being.

When people insist that they are “right” based on what benefits them on an individual level, their nose gets in the way. They can’t see anyone else: it’s all about THEM.


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