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Not all misogynists

Sarah Ditum

It is apparently impossible to discuss even the most commonplace sexism without being reminded that “not all men” are like that. Which seems like a fairly poor response, given that those exceptions, however many they may be – even if they are the majority of men – have not yet managed to end the wage gap, institute equality in housework and caring duties, or prevent two women a week in the UK from being murdered by current or former partners. Not all men are patriarchy incarnate. Not enough men are actively trying to undo the harms of patriarchy for the exceptions to be any kind of riposte to the structural analysis of feminism.

But when it comes to an incident as extreme as Elliot Rodger’s spree-killing of six people in a misogynistic rage at his inability to possess a woman (and he wished to possess, not to love or be loved), the…

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