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The male, white and class privilege of serial killers

My mom said this amazingly insightful thing yesterday:
“it’s not POOR people who are serial killers.”
They don’t have ‘nice’ homes and probably don’t have cars (certainly not BMWs!) to lure women into. They can’t AFFORD to go about killing with impunity because they will be seen as violent anyway and caught. Wealthy straight white men see women as pawns and sex objects and not as human beings, while they are the ones seen as the mainstream – happy, or least with a ‘normal’ attitude. Nobody would suspect such men of being serial killers because hey, they have everything, right?



Even the people who commented on his videos thought they were parodies, not very real threats. See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. For more proof, see the attached (it’s also cited in some news articles). More than any single one factor is at play here. Cops are enablers.

Also, the shooter is proof that you can give a kid every material thing in life and they still turn out to be scum; in fact, precisely because of being spoiled rotten and believing everything (and everyone) should be handed to them. Male sexual entitlement has a body count.

I do not believe mental illness has anything to do with it, much less Asperger’s syndrome. Such a view only further stigmatizes the people in either group, and anyway, the shooter planned what he was going to do, so it’s not like he had a case of impulse control or (if he lived) could plead temporary insanity. Nor do I believe it can all be chalked up to bad parenting, or blaming the mother for not raising her son right. Some children turn out to be fucked up no matter how hard their parents try. Because – let’s face it – his family was already concerned, and the police did nothing. I also read that he was already attending some therapists and refused medication. I’d say he’s a narcissistic, or at least exhibiting narcissistic behaviors. But it is normal for masculine socialization in our culture. What we’ve experienced is an extreme version.

Why can’t we just call it out for what it is: misogyny? Is that so hard to ask?

EDIT: It turns out that mentally ill people have lower rates of violence and tend to be the victims rather than perpetrators of violence. Proof? Here you go.


One thought on “The male, white and class privilege of serial killers

  1. finally the truth about psychopaths. serial killers are mostly highly educated white males such as James Eagan Holmes or rich white men such as Adam Lanza and Dylan Klebold (live in a mansion).

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