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On a people’s militia

I have been saying to gun advocates – who work towards complete deregulation of gun control – that it is about racism, and increasingly about misogyny; that white men who shoot up several people or are serial killers/rapists are “mentally ill” sociopaths we should feel sorry for while black and Latino men are angry violent “thugs,” rapists, robbers, etc. If the current gun advocates were not predominantly straight white men who feel they need to “protect our women and children” against black and Latino men (and there are studies showing that the majority of gun owners are racists), if they were more responsible with their gun use (like keeping them locked up from children), and if the “stand your ground” law didn’t work against women (especially WoC) acting in self-defense, I would be a lot more supportive of gun rights.

But because such men fear (maybe even secretly desire) race riots, because they fear women being able to protect themselves, the concept of a true militia is not popular. Instead, such advocates expect your average Joe to be the good Samaritan and save people from a mass shooting — if only they were allowed to have guns everywhere.

“A true people’s militia would be sworn to uphold human rights, including women’s rights. The horrors of history include male sexual sadism on a mass scale. Women are afraid of men with guns for good reason. But rape is not inevitable. It’s a behavior that springs from spe­cific social norms, norms that a culture of resistance can and must confront and counteract, whether or not we have a people’s militia. We need a zero tolerance policy for abuse, especially sexual abuse.”

– Deep Green Resistance the book, pg. 491


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