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It is a privilege for women to not be prostituted

It needs to be known that it is a privilege to NOT be in the sex industry, given the lack of choice, the gender-wage gap, etc. especially for poor and migrant women. There are similarities between marriage and prostitution, yes, but saying they are the same erases their differences. Marriage is an institution based predominantly on religious values; prostitution is for both religious and secular men. Why? Because even the religious men who proclaim to be against prostitution are not affected when prostitution is illegal; they tend to be white, educated, wealthy straight men who are the good or nice guys, the desirables.

Men joke that prostitution and marriage are the same thing and the only difference is that in marriage it’s a long-term commitment to one man. Women are a joke to them and in either one they are considered property, sexual or otherwise. In both, women are fooled into believing that if they associate with wealthy, powerful men they will become wealthy/powerful by association (male privilege by-proxy). Yet it is married men who go to prostitutes when their wives refuse sex; the “duty” or “obligation” to have sex is simply outsourced to lower-class women. Wives then become the unpaid maids, cooks, and child caretakers. To be fair, the legal recognition of “marital rape” was not really binding considering that men could get a divorce on the grounds that their wives were not doing their “marital duty” by providing sex on demand. So I guess I am speaking of the men who did not go for a divorce and simply gave the appearance of respecting the consent of their wives.

And the belief that “biology is destiny” still pervades our society. Women are no longer required in the West to have children, but that doesn’t stop employers from seeing them as potential mothers and either not hiring them or paying them less than men. Compulsory heterosexuality/PIV and compulsory promiscuity are part of the “biology is destiny” belief as well.

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