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Caring more about animals than humans doesn’t mean you have empathy




caring more about animals than humans is not a sign of empathy, it is a way to distance yourself from problems that makes you uncomfortable.

when you talk about the treatment of animals and say “what if this was done to humans!?” remember that this was, or still is done to humans.

I have zero patience for people who prioritize Veganism over anti-racism and feminism

It’s also a power control issue. People who value animals over humans do so because a dog cannot communicate to humans as thoroughly as other humans can.

When it comes to animals, there’s no criticism or arguing. A human can control what a dog will eat for the rest of their lives. A human can control when a horse can interact with other horses. A human can stare at a cat for hours on end, and carry it back into view if the cat decides to leave.

It’s easy to feel more comfortable around animals, because we have more control over them. We can control their lives, and we can control the significance they have overour lives.

People who value animals over humans are comfortable doing so because they are exactly what we want them to be. They can’t tell us their identity in a way we understand, so we can project anything onto them – animals are cuter. Animals are friendlier. Animals are wiser. Animals are fiercer.

I am tentative around those who value animals over humans because of the OP, and because animal fanatics have abusive tendencies. They want control more than they want communication.

that definitely explains PETA

me: it sounds like this is describing anthrophomorphism. it is easier for such people to project human-like qualities to animals than, say, recognize women as human – i.e. using pamela anderson in the ad,”all animals have the same parts,” or cuts of meat – like women aren’t already commodified, so whatever point they were trying to make is lost on me.

on another note, i think this is partly relevant to murderers having cats in their cells; we don’t know if these murderers are specifically not the type that tortured and killed animals before moving on to killing humans. from what’s stated, though, they only value the cats’ lives.

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