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Recognize women, not just “people.”

In many discussions about women’s issues, there is a man or patriarchal handmaiden who comes to chime in,”This happens to people. We’re all human. People should just stop harming each other.” etc. ad nauseum. Let me tell you something: The problem is that women are not considered to be people, fully human. That is reserved for men by default; ideally, straight, white men. Every time these discussions get derailed, it takes the focus off issues that specifically affect women because of gender roles and harmful social conditioning. Plus women get erased by replacing “women” with “people.”

Nobody is denying that men can oppress other men, but they are not oppressed for being male; they’re oppressed for being gender-nonconforming, gay, of another religion or another race. What’s ironic is that in these same discussions the derailers focus on female-on-male violence and female-on-male rape as a “gotcha,” not actually caring about the victims. Yes, male violence affects men as well but it is swept under the rug; why is that, when male violence is such a big issue? If men would stop treating it like a game they need to win, like they do everything else in life with their twisted concepts of manhood/masculinity, then we’d be going somewhere.


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