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Sex industry advocates do plenty to discredit their own movement

Sex industry advocates do plenty to discredit their own movement. And by “advocates” that includes so-called “sex workers.” They are implicitly colluding with sex traffickers and pimps, and downplaying, even denying sex trafficking. This may come as no surprise to those who have been researching the subject, and realize that even many prostituted women advocate for decriminalization rather than legalization. But there is no way to argue out of it now. Here are several examples I have noticed so far:

1.) Referring to underaged sex trafficking victims as “underaged sex workers.” Especially if they are immigrants; then they are referred to as “(underaged) migrant sex workers.” I can’t believe this even needs to be said: If a prostitute is discovered to be a minor, that makes her a sex trafficking/rape victim, no matter what. (x) (x) (x)

2.) Janet Mock referring to prostitution as a “rite of passage” for trans women seeking to transition early in their lives, preferably as minors. So getting raped is pretty much seen as inevitable. (x) She also referred to it as “affirming” and her being sexually assaulted as “validating her girlhood.” (x)

3.) Referring to sex trafficking survivors like Jaqueline Homan as “sex workers.”

4.) Claiming that they are the best people to help sex trafficking victims, but then turning around and offering no help to actual victims and keeping all the funds and resources for themselves simply because they have political differences with the victims – who are likely to to be sex industry abolitionists and/or advocate for the Nordic model of prostitution.

5.) Claiming “choice” and supporting the Happy Hooker myth, then turning around and co-opting radfem arguments that choice doesn’t occur in a vaccuum and the Happy Hooker is a myth. (x)

We actually have huge censorship. It is incredible. I’m not being glib. As you probably know, the truth is what is censored. Porn has absolute saturation rights and is called the truth of what women are.” – Simone

Don’t tell me  they’re not a wealthy industry spending resources on propaganda and silencing tactics and trying to tear down the antis and radfems to make themselves look good.


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