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The Patriarchy? HAW HAW HAW!

The Prime Directive

(from Sinfest )

The word “patriarchy” has been turned into somewhat of an object of ridicule. Of course, there are groups dedicated specifically to laugh at the exploitation of women and to make the ridiculous claim that women really detain the power in the Western world. I am not talking about those delusional people, but rather about somewhat more sane people.

People hold all sorts of strange beliefs about the patriarchy. Some believe that it must be some kind of vast conspiracy theory. Others believe that it means women can do no wrong, no matter what they do. Yet others believe that it’s an outdated concept that no longer exists because “we’re all equal now!” You also get the “good girlfriend” types who’ll say something like “my boyfriend is a good guy, he’s not in any patriarchy!” (the Not My Nigel syndrome).

First, let us review some facts:

* The…

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