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Atheists selling out

What follows are two examples of atheist sellouts.

Kacem El-Ghazzali

This guy is an atheist and blogger from Morocco. He claimed he was getting death threats and had to hide for fear of his life. I have it on good authority (from people who personally know him) that the death threats were exaggerated, some even fabricated, and that he was a prostitute to a male French tourist. He was able to get political asylum in Switzerland. Although he criticizes all organized religions, in Switzerland he was invited to Christian shows in order to talk about the wrongs of Islam. He accepted those invitations. Who knows what other kind of brown-nosing he’ll have to do to earn his stay there?

Brother Rashid

A Youtube televangelist, Brother Rachid is another apostate of Islam and founded the website Islam Explained. He talks about Jesus as the Christ and savior and attempts to proselytize to people of Muslim backgrounds. The shows are meant to compare Christianity and Islam; in effect, to make it seem that Christianity is better than Islam. However, Rachid is actually an atheist.


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