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anger is powerful

some of us are so not surprised by anything that men do anymore that it is easy to throw up our hands and say “that’s just the way the world is, learn to deal with it” and feel powerless in our anger when the tides are turned against us at every turn and we have no idea of the amount of momentum needed to overcome that inertia. and we need to bring urgency back and feel outraged if there is to be true and lasting social change, otherwise it’s the same old thing of convincing women to change their minds (being brainwashed) instead of the world. at the same time, demonizing them for when they do change their minds (“women are fickle”; “a woman’s prerogative/right is to change her mind”), especially in matters of sexual consent.

when men get angry it is to assert dominance and invade, colonize, destroy. when feminists get angry it is to reveal truths. truths hurt. truths make men feel guilty and realize responsibility, even if on a subconscious level. they thought they could pay women off or otherwise silence them so they cannot speak their truths.

i know now that there is a female consciousness. it comes from solidarity among women and feels spiritual, even mystical. this solidarity is threatening to male dominance and supremacy. if we live as much as we speak and vice-versa, if we vent our anger, we can take back our energy that has been drained by men. we can make time for each other. we will realize that solidarity IS a resource and its own reward while still respecting female-only spaces, including our bodies.

the power of myths is based on the popularity of the underlying beliefs. when women stop believing and acting on those beliefs then they fail to have such power over us and our bodies.

i would hope women realize we can indeed save ourselves and don’t need to be ‘rescued’ according to a secret agenda or ulterior motive (the modus operandi of everything else in patriarchy). but it cannot be done without emotional and other support.

No matter what, I want for women to never be silent. Don’t let the patriarchy shut you up and steal your voice, or use women’s lives and bodies (whether on their backs or on their knees) to keep male supremacist institutions standing. They are rotting and must fall eventually. Let them naturally die and decay, because the world has to know that women exist, and to sin is to be.


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