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Stupid movie trying to be *edgy* about lesbianism

Concussion is a 2013 American drama film written and directed by Stacie Passon. The film stars Robin Weigert as Abby, a lesbian who becomes disillusioned with her domestic life and career after suffering a mild concussion when her son accidentally hits her in the head with a thrown baseball, and begins working as a prostitute for other women.[1] Although the story is not autobiographical, it was partially inspired by Passon herself suffering a mild concussion, in the same manner depicted in the film, shortly before she began writing the screenplay.

after reading the description, it became clear to me that the title is meant to pathologize lesbianism. a concussion is a brain injury that can result in emotional, somatic, cognitive, physical and behavioral changes – how the fuck is that inspirationfor loving women? only if it implies she’s ‘not herself’ and ‘disoriented’ or ‘damaged’ from the concussion that she has no choice but to! and a prostitute, no less – as if it wasn’t unrealistic enough already, there’s got to be a materialistic/financial incentive, too.

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