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Psychology declares war on childfreedom.

The Prime Directive

The title of this entry may seem a bit overblown, but it’s hard to interpret the reformulation of Maslow’s pyramid of needs as anything but a conscious attack against childfreedom. At the top of the pyramid lies no more “self-actualization,” but rather “mate acquisition, mate retention and parenting.”

Yes, you read that right. It’s now been “discovered” by a group of horny white men that the highest and most sophisticated need that human beings have is finding someone to fuck and having children with them! And yes, they do make it clear that they are talking about propagating one’s own genes, so adoption is right out.

So this means that anyone who rejects “mate acquisition,” “mate retention” or “parenting” (propagating one’s genes by fucking) are not actually human, since they are missing a “biologically fundamental” need. There is something fundamentally wrong with them. They don’t outright say this, but it’s…

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