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A note on open-mindedness

“I follow all types of people, and I have no problem following the blogs of MRAs, neo-Nazis, pro-eugenicists and white nationalists, so my dashboard doesn’t become an echo chamber. why don’t you?”

This is not how you argue for diversity of opinions. If you can’t understand how people can come together for a common cause while still being different enough in their personalities and hobbies, you need to examine your radical open-mindedness because your ears leak grey matter every time you make a statement like this. Either you secretly agree with the aforementioned bigots or you are hate-following them, which doesn’t make much sense, but it’s better than agreeing.

More importantly, we got bombarded by the same patriarchal, bigoted messages everyday – subliminal and implicit, others not so implicit – enforced by our peers. Why should I be consciously reading more of the same?


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