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Men objectifying themselves and “misandry”

It’s pretty gross, thinking men’s value is in his wallet. but many men don’t seem to mind objectifying themselves and reducing their worth to money or reproductive value.

That’d be fine by me if they didn’t ply women with male-centric or masculine values (i.e. the sex industry, marrying for financial security, making babies and het privilege) Many women in the sex industry or in long, unhappy het marriages justifiably end up hating men. The fact that men don’t mind it tells me they approve of this type of “misandry” for it is harmless to them; instead, they’ll accuse lesbians and radfems of it if only for the reason that they kill their boners by being loud and uppity.

It is a dichotomy of “het-sex-as-survivalism” for women (who are not doing it out of some sort of altruism, “loving men” or “loving sex with complete strangers”) vs. “women as status symbols and signs of luxury and power” for men and it is one I would like to see die. the men are the ones with all the choice and so project the assumption onto the women they patronize that they must be freely choosing, too. one criticism of them will then have them turning around and playing the victim due to a (supposed) lack of sex.

“Most non-Separatist Lesbians and most het women loathe men on some level. It’s emotionally impossible for females living under male terrorizing to feel no rage at them. Separatists are just more direct and honest about it. […] Married het women who’ve lived with men for years are usually the most vocal about how nasty, arrogant, incompetent, irrational, disgusting, mean, violent, vicious, cold, treacherous, and cruel men are. The difference is that het women are selfishly committed to those they hate because of the privilege they get for it – they don’t want to shake up their lives by facing reality, so they devote themselves to men and boys, undermining other females on males’ behalf.” — Bev Jo, Dykes-Loving-Dykes: Dyke Separatist Politics for Lesbians Only, p. 39

So really the issue for men is not that they actually care about women hating them, but being sexually rejected. They hate that.

from tumblr:

a guide to terminology as used by western males of the species

prude – a woman who won’t fuck you

dyke – a woman who won’t fuck you because you have a penis

slut – a woman who fucks other people and not you

tease – a woman who won’t fuck you even though she smiled at you

feminist – a woman who won’t fuck you because she has, like, thoughts and stuff

And if criticizing the sex industry is said to be “man-hating,” then so be it, because it is the supporters who are conflating manhood with supporting the sex industry and the “masculine”/dominant gender role. Even though not all men support the sex industry, nor do men need porn in order to masturbate.

MRAs, anti-feminists and egalitarians seem to think sexual objectification happens every time you compliment someone on their picture or think they are attractive, hence, by this logic “lesbians can objectify women, too” and women should learn to shut up and take a damn compliment when they get catcalled and sexually harassed on the street. if it were men being catcalled, they’d enjoy it! why can’t men be objectified, dammit?!
and apparently even self-proclaimed sex-positive/kinky “sluts” never get sexually harassed because they are always grateful for the attention from the sexists they see as benevolent and only pushing their boundaries with their consent. not that it stops them from feeling “kink-shamed” if they are criticized.
no, these people have no idea what objectification means and probably think even erotica and nude art constitutes porn, the same way they think anti-sex industry/kink-critical feminists are anti-sex or that misandry is a real and harmful thing — because they cannot see a difference between corporate-fed and commodified sex and an authentic expression of sexual desire and sexuality.

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