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Butcher men

Cannibalism boils down to “taboo” meat-eating in some ways similar to eating bull testicles – both aren’t universal.
But people have either eaten their dead, or more commonly drank the blood of or eaten the organs of enemies or prey animals as a way of communion, as a way of uniting with their essence or spirit and gaining their strengths. They know exactly what they are eating based on the emotions of the person or animal at time of death. We cannot say the same for the average meat-eater to whom I’d ask the question,”If you had to kill your own food, would you?” Few of us grew up on farms or in small villages around butchering animals, and it is doubtful that many consumerist meat-eaters would continue to eat meat if they had to experience firsthand what goes on in producing it for them. We resort to having other people butcher our meat rather than having it done at our own hands, we cannot stand the sight of blood and consumerism has us duped, accepting the final result of saran-wrapped cruelty to alleviate our own guilt.

When we encounter white sociopathic cannibal serial killers, the media excuses their behavior as the fault of “society” or “culture.” The motive behind this is to get our sympathy, but really is it so far off the mark? White men have been exercising their power of choice (reinforced by society or culture) for various “luxuries” at another’s expense, including the killing and eating — or mass shooting — of other people, commodifying and conquering women, indigenous peoples and nature for resources, while remaining invisible to the world at large either as “saviors” or “victims of society”. We would rather buy into the pity party and turn around and accuse indigenous peoples, especially Africans, of savagery and cannibalism simply because their outfit does not consist of two-piece suits, a nice haircut, tie and winning smile.

“White men are suffering from aggrieved entitlement. This is the belief that you have been cheated out of status and power that should have been part of your birthright. (It’s a close relative of what I have called privileged distress: the feeling that advantages you never consciously acknowledged are slipping away from you.) White men are angry, Kimmel claims, because:

They may not feel powerful, but they do feel entitled to feel powerful.” (“The Sifted Bookshelf: Angry White Men”)

How much more entitled can a straight, white man be just by being born? I suspect this has more to do with using the insecurity of being the boring norm, or the power of invisibility, as an excuse to steal others’ power, even their lives. On a minimum level, they are favor sharks. We can also look at MRAs: they are typically straight, white men, and will insist that men are oppressed on the basis of their sex. They are not. They may be oppressed based on their religion, sexual orientation, race, or class, but that would mean the MRAs are not included – after all, they only care about themselves, and those who are like them.


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