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My opinion on the Israel-Palestine conflict doesn’t matter

Here’s why.

Everywhere I look, there is news about the conflict. On tv, in news articles, on social networking sites. It seems everybody has something to say and does their best to convince everyone else to choose their side (cue name-calling if you disagree with them).

As much as I could criticize Israel for not doing enough to protect its own people – like building a wall instead of more land-grabbing expansionism, or even choosing that particular area for the state in the first place, knowing they’d be surrounded by hostiles, Israel being around only because of America’s support, or the concept of manifest destiny based on religious rhetoric or being ‘God’s chosen people’…

As much as I could criticize Palestine for forcing its people to support Hamas and raising jihadi men, even children and female bombers, the formation of Palestine only as a response to the creation of the state of Israel, and encouraging anti-Semitism in the various forms of ‘Jewish Satanic Freemason Illuminati’ conspiracy theories…

It wouldn’t matter which side I chose, because I am an unwilling participant in the conflict.

My tax dollars fuel their battles. Mostly, the side of Israel. In fact, there is a Boycott Law for Israeli-made technology and products.

But there’s more. Few news sources talk about Saudi Arabia’s role in the oil wars and petro dollar, even less about Qatar. Ironically, America is allies with both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

My opinions do not matter, because I have no say in American foreign policy. And until the people can influence such decisions, they’ll be dragged into supporting the conflict one way or another.


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