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The Transactional Model of Sex

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Okay, you know what, no more. ATTN WORLD: Stop using monetary and transactional analogies for sex and rape. It doesn’t work in a thousand different ways, and in fact the transactional ideology is one of the very basic ideas underlying rape: that one action justifies another action.

Capitalistically*, paying for an item in the store gives you the right to use it. The store originally holds the right—perhaps privilege would be a better word—to the item and you buy it from them.

Payment is a widely accepted action that justifies another action, i.e. you taking it out of the store and using it.

Now, in rape culture, the same standard holds. If you are in a relationship, you are entitled to sex in a similar manner to your entitlement to a potted plant if you pay for it. It is widely accepted that if you do not receive the other…

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