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Straight women’s participation in sexual imperialism

Straight, often white, women are the funniest when it comes to het/liberal feminism and antifeminism. Both are insistent that they don’t hate men.

FYI men do not care if you are really a man-hater or not. They care if you are sexually unavailable or have strict boundaries that can’t be pushed/convinced/coerced.

THEN they will tag you with the ‘man-hater’ and ‘feminazi’ labels. Because if man-hating were really relevant to these men, then we’d have to talk about women in the sex industry ending up really hating them, and why – most famous of women in prostitution being Valerie Solanas (how true her SCUM Manifesto became with the trans movement) and Aileen Wuornos who police let kill 7 johns before arresting. About how ‘feminazi’ is reductio ad Hitlerum and women don’t have the power to systematically oppress men. See any straight conversion camps or male concentration camps? Nah, didn’t think so.

This is what i am talking about when it comes to straight, white women…in addition to their appropriation of Hindu tantric sex and culture in the occult for their ‘sacred feminine sexuality’ and ‘sex magick’ which is inevitably conforming to gender roles and heterosexism; implying that white women know tantra better than Hindus do themselves, in reality making it a glorified form of prostitution. And men will use it in order to get laid. Why do i never see actual hindus teach it? I think the real deal wouldn’t sell or be popular. it’s not sex that sells, but sexism – rather, misogyny.

The beatnik movement (the women of which were largely silenced with the exception of, say, Patti Smith) influenced the hippie movement (which appropriated hindu culture) influenced the sex-positive movement, as if simply co-opting one culture for another is liberating. More importantly, it is common for women to side or feel more solidarity with their men of the same race – those they’ve deemed the benevolent sexists – than to have a sense of sisterhood and shared girlhood with other women.

Straight women are also funny when it comes to radical feminism and ignoring their own het privilege like when they call women in the sex industry ‘dick-riders’ and ‘appealing to the male gaze’…always and forever wives and prostitutes arguing with each other over who’s better under compulsive heterosexuality.

“All the problems that we face with other people begin with ourselves” – I’ve heard this in so many ways, including the famous one,”You cannot expect other people to love you unless you love yourself,” that you don’t deserve to be loved and have a support network until you’ve worked through all your issues and have reached enlightenment. Please, save it for your navel-gazing.

“One group, the Hindu American Foundation, has launched a “Take Back Yoga” campaign to address what they see as a fundamental disconnect between yoga and Hinduism.Sheetal Shah, senior director at the foundation, says the group started the campaign when it noticed that while “Vedic,” “tantric” and many other words appeared regularly in yoga magazines, the word “Hindu” was never mentioned.So, the foundation called up one of the country’s most popular magazines to ask why.

“They said the word ‘Hinduism’ has a lot of baggage,” Shah says. “And we were like, ‘Excuse me?’ “

Shah says she understands why some people have a problem with linking yoga and Hinduism. Many American practitioners associate the practice with something pure and serene, she says. But when they think of Hinduism, she says, they think of “multiple gods, with multiple heads and multiple arms. Colorful [and] ritualistic.”

It may be difficult for people to see how these things fit together, Shah says.

With the Take Back Yoga campaign, the Hindu American Foundation is hoping for broader acknowledgment that yoga has Hindu philosophical roots — while also emphasizing that it is universal and appropriate for everyone.

“What we’re trying to say is that the holistic practice of yoga goes beyond just a couple of asanas [postures] on a mat. It is a lifestyle, and it’s a philosophy,” Shah says.

“How do you lead your life in terms of truthfulness? And nonviolence? And purity? The lifestyle aspect of yoga,” Shah says, “has been lost.”

To Some Hindus, Modern Yoga Has Lost Its Way (via love-resist)I’m so happy to see this and I fully support them. I stopped doing yoga — as much as it was benefitting me physically — because it started feeling really disrespectful to just be using it for exercise when I knew it was part of a serious, longstanding spiritual tradition.

(via queerbrownxx)

I’ve been wanting to explore Tantric massage and Tantric sex for a while, but I want to do that in a way that doesn’t line the pockets of suburban White women appropriating these practices for their own material gain. Unfortunately, there are way more such women than there are, y’know, INDIAN women who are doing it. If there were a lesbian/women-loving-women Tantric massage group run by Indian women here in NYC, I’d go in a heartbeat.

(via eshusplayground)

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